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Poster Presentations

All Posters will be in Heritage Hall
Abstracts for Poster are marked I if assigned to Poster Session I, and marked II, if assigned to Poster Session II. Posters have an assigned space denoted by an Arabic numeral.

Posters will be on display from 12:00 noon to 4:15 PM
  • Poster Session I: 1:30 to 2:30
  • Poster Session II: 3:15 to 4:15
Poster #SessionAuthor Partial Project Title
1  SPUR Biodiversity
2  Windber Research Institute Partnership
1031AdamczykProspectus on the Exhibition of Works of Alex Grey 
321ArabiaProspectus on the Exhibition of Pirelli Calendar Works
161ArcurioBrand and Logo Identification
412AultzSt. Thomas Aquinas and the Language of Care in Natural Law
881AzarRelationship Between Drainage Area and Stream Slope Using ArcGIS
261Babik & ClaycombThe Underlying Truths of Water Pollution
271Babik, Bolich, Dibert & KeslarCramer Pike Gasoline Terminal
362Bachman, Duke, Moehler, & CollierWestmont Hilltop Middle School Relocation
681BackMy Heart Is a Gun
121Bailey & PelkeyAutonomous Quadcopter
1091BandzuhThe Placement of and Emphasis on the Martin Luther King Memorial
222BangeExposure to Fluoxetine (Prozac) affects Chironomus riparius
581Bassaro & DegolInvestigation of West Nile Virus Presence in Southwestern Pennsylvania
1052BednarickCyclic Imides as Dienophiles in the Diels Alder Reaction
61Belskey &  BerkeyAcid Mine Drainage
782Brady & AdamsPercent Coverage of Japanese Honeysuckle an Invasive Species
821Buncich & ImgrundThe Effect of Vehicle Emissions on the Environment
811Buncich, Imgrund, Hockenberry & RothbauerJOHNSTOWN CIVIC AMPHITHEATER AND RESTAURANT
172BurnsBRCA/BRCA 2 Mutations in High Risk Patients
231, 2Cancelliere, Jones, Madden & LaffoonClaw Volume and Carapace Width: A Comparison in Species 
442Case & BussCryptic Lyme Cycles in Southwestern Pennsylvania
381Cassata & MoehlerThe Coal Industry: Leading Cause of Air Pollution
391Cassata, Hoover & WilliamsSR 0056 - SR 0271 On/Off Ramp Project
932Chobany, Beam, Makdad-Light,Synthesized Speech Users Biased Against 
942Chobany, Beam, Makdad-Light, Linsenbigler & HullEmployability Bias Against Disabled Synthetic Speech Users 
611Cintron-HauseProspectus on the Exhibition of Sculptural Works of Eric Fischl
371Collier & DukeEnvironmental Impacts of Population Growth
912ConnellyStructure, Characterization, and Application of Perovskite Compounds
281Dibert & KeslarNatural Gas vs. Coal: Effects on the Environment
791Dick & HolbayPlant Biodiversity across an Urban Landscape: Remnants of Eden
841DolgosProspectus on the Exhibition of Works of Jock Sturges
851DolgosCommentary on United States v. One Book Called ‘Ulysses’ (1933, 1934)
191Dom, Rich, Watters, & ZangagliaCatheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections
732DoverspikeStudy of the Water-Platinum(II) Energy Interactions 
352Drover & BachmanHydropower
342Drover, Harold & BithellExhaust Manifold Redesign
631EutinMajor Divisions in Europe Post WWII
961EvansThe Social Identities of the Muslim Religion Post
511Flick, Rivera, Taylor & RitterEvaluating Brest Cancer Cell Growth in 3-D Matrices



FreidhoffMaking Arsenic Trioxide into the Cure for Cancer
491Freshour & PayneEnvironmental Impact of Different Types of Light Bulbs
502Freshour, Callender & WirickJennerstown Raceway Redesign
141GarciaTemporary Water Bodies at Pitt Johnstown
131Garcia & Roberts Changes in a Creek Impacted by Abandoned Mine Drainage 
562Giacomo, Counihan, & DegennaroHydraulic Squeeze Unit
51GiampaA Look at Jihad through Virtue Ethics
862GloverCommentary on United States v. One Book Called ‘Ulysses’ (1933, 1934)
802Glunt, Peters, & RysakPortable Gait Variability Measurement System
551Golias & GaryHomosexual Parents and Sexual and Social Development in Children
651Hancock & HoffmanMarcellus Shale: Effects on Drinking Water
91HarmonAnticancer Activity of Copper Complexes
741HeistObesity Present and Increasing in Women of Childbearing Age
602Hinderliter, McCleester & BresnahanJib Crane and Table Assembly, MCS
1012JonesVictoria's Secret Advertisment Analysis
481Jones & MorrowEnvironmental Effects of Dams and Reservoirs
1071KalpakisTeaching Biology with Computer Applications
642KennedyManganese (II) Complexes and Their Anti-Cancer Activities
311KnieriemCalifornia Bearing Ratio
301Knieriem & LapczynskiEnvironmental Impacts of Impervious Surfaces
112Kutzer & PletcherAutomated Garden
462Lang Optimal Synthesis Conditions for Messenger Ribonucleic Acids 
971Lehman & WeyandtTick Borne Surveillance in the Common Deer Tick in Southwestern PA
1042MacIntyrePositive effects of good NO levels  and the relation to Alzheimer’s disease
1022MaloneContributing Factors of Test Anxiety
691Marcink & OswaldNatural Treatment for Wastewater
902Masters & LeisterSolar Tracking Battery Charger
151McGuire & DucarBicycle Drafting Control & Data Acquisition System
952McKeeThe Significance of Ferritin in Cancer and Cancer Treatment
211McKool, Palmer & BaileyConemaugh Generating Station Air Preheat Redesign
571MennittoInvasive species impact on tree and sapling diversity
751Miller & NewtonPedicularis sudetica
1082MonkA Prospectus on the Exhibition of Works of Ryan Shultz 
242MonnieProperties of G quadruplex Structures
252MonnieTexaphyrins as Anticancer Agents
672Morris & OwensMotorized Following Golf Pull Cart
81Pasko & KomanAnalysis of Wind Turbines in the United States
1062PetermanCerium Complexes and how they are similar and different
701Pritt, Putman & ChernickyNFPA 1901 Tilt Table Testing, 4 Guys Fire Trucks
1002Purazo, LvTriple Negative Breast Cancer Cell Lines to Screen Anticancer Complexes
202Rich & GedzahEffects Tai Chi on Center of Balance and Falls 
891RomahRuthenium (II) Complexes as Anticancer Drugs
662Rosenbaum, Mosher & MaurerAbnormalities in Larval Chironomidae (Diptera) as Responses to  Copper
71Rothbauer & MeisterAirplane Pollution
762RushPEG-400 as a Green and Efficient Solvent 
772RushThe Role of Trace Elements in Overall Cardiovascular Health
31SandfordMicro controller based data collection system
42Sandford3D Scanner Senior Project
832SarverProspectus on the Exhibition of Works of Balthus 
721Sawyer, Stibbard & DoverspikeNovel binuclear ruthenium(I) carbonyl carboxylate complexes
991ScheibUnderstanding Cortical Actin Dynamics in the Drosophila  Embryo
531SeamanGeistown Storm Water
421SmithCrayfish Behavior in Acid Mine Drainage Water and Fresh Water
431SmithPhytoplankton Community Composition in Stormwater Ponds 
591Solensky & MarksiPhone Remotely Controlled Quadcopter
981Sprain, Podgorney, & MuellerTooling Fixture Safety Modification
291Stayrook, Knieriem, & LapczynskiUS 219N Extension
712StibbardEffects of Ferrocenophanes on Breast Cancer Cells
181Thompson & EnglertBreast Health Education for Young Women and Men
621TurnerProspectus on the Exhibition of Two Sculptural Works of Damien Hirst 
472VebaresEffects of Personality Traits on Aggression
872VescoviQuantifying Defensive Worth: The Quest for an Ultimate NBA DStatistic
451, 2 Wagner, Hetrick, Malloy, Jerome & SchminkeyPreference for Visual Art as a Function of Cognitive Effort
922WallaceSynthesis and Structures of New Germylene Complexes 
522Weaver & PioliFish Baffles in Box Culverts
401Williams & HooverSteps Cities are Taking to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
102Young & KatichAutomated Bartender
541Zerbee & Stankiewicz3-D models to understand multicellular organisms and the App
Last Reviewed: April 13, 2008