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Oral Presentations

Note: Abstracts for oral presentations are marked with a T, give the session number (e.g., I), and give the approximate time of the talk (e.g., T-II, 2:30).

OpeningUniversity Room  
12:00 - 12:45Vocal Performances  
Sesion IUniversity Room Convener: Ann Rea
T-I 12:45- 1:15Cassie CookImprovement in Mansfield Park: Emphasis Mary and Henry Crawford
 Cassie La Framboise"Improvement" in Relation to Expected Social Values in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park
 Tessa SmithInternal and External Sophistication among Characters in Mansfield Park
Session ICampus Room Conever: Michael Cox
12:45-1:30Moriah Howell, Jaclyn Reed, Max Zelekovitz, Michael GruberCreative Writers Read their Works
Session IIUniversity Room Convener: Ann Rea
T-II 2:30-3:15Moriah HowellCarroll Grimes Award Winner: Imperialism in Modernist Literature
 Shalay SturdivantThe Role of Solitude in the Poetic Imagination
 Amber StichLight and Darkness Imagery in James Joyce's A Portrai of the Artist as a Young Man
Session IICampus Room Convener: John McGrath
T-II 2:30-3:15Lauren L'Herbier, Mike Deasy, Alex Mock, Lindsey Crist, Mike DevanMarketing Real World Career Services
 Corey Aungst, Tara Thoman, Jim Kaufman, Zack Schultz, Jenna MorningstarMarketing Real World Career Services
 Caden Terchanik, Alia Abu-Obaid, David Kelly, Katie SaylorMarketing "Backroads"
 Cori Colagrande, Jordan Harter, Broderick Irons, Eugene MackMarketing "Backroads"
Session IIBoard Room Conever: Jill Henning
2:30- 3:15Dylan DegolAvain Influenza Virus Presence in Erie and Mercer Counties, Aug-Sept 2012
 Alena Dragovich, Chelsea Blake, Alyssa TrimeloniDuet Matching in Yellow Naped Amazons
Session IIIUniversity RoomConvener: Marissa Landrigan & Jeremy Justus
T-III 4:15-5:00Stefan Giconi, Kerrie Krug, Lou Stutz, Taylor WaltharDigital Medial Studies: What are Twitter, Google and
  Video Games "Doing" in the Humanities Classroom
Session IIIBoard Room Conever: Jill Henning 
T-III 4:15- 5:00Ian VescoviQuantifying Defensive Worth: The Quest for an Ultimate NBA Defensive Statistic
 Gail Danley, Daniel Brennsteiner, Corrine Bozich An Investigation of Tool Use in the American Crow
Last Reviewed: April 13, 2008