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The music minor consists of courses in both music performance and music lecture classes.  Students interesting in enrolling as a music minor should contact Prof. Webb via e-mail ( or by phone at (814) 269-7155.

            The minor in music consists of 18 credits.  The credits are broken up into three different categories; Music Fundamentals, Music History, and Performance.  The distribution is as follows:


Music Fundamentals (6 credits)

Music 413-Theory and Ear-Training 1

Music 414-Theory and Ear-Training 2


The students who wish to take these courses will have to be able to read/analyze music at a level of proficiency to be determined by a diagnostic exam.  If a student cannot read/analyze music at the required level, they will be placed in a new course entitled Music Rudiments (course number to be determined).  This course would work in a similar fashion to the way the Theory/Ear-Training 1 course currently works.  This course would assume no musical ability.  The course would introduce students to musical notation, rhythms, and articulations.  The course would not be included in the 6 fundamental credits for the minor, but would rather act as a General Education requirement course.


Music History (6 credits)

            The music history portion of the music minor would focus on music in Western Culture.  Unlike in the past, the ability to read music is a prerequisite for these courses. 


Music 223-History of Western Art Music to 1750

Music 225-History of Western Art Music since 1750




Music Performance (6 credits)

            This portion of the music minor is broken into two components; ensemble participation and private lessons.  At its core, music is a performance-driven medium.  It is important that students who wish to study music have sufficient outlets to practice and perform on their instruments.

 Performance Ensembles-3 credits (each course garners 1 credit hr. per semester)

The Pitt-Johnstown Concert Choir

The Pitt-Johnstown Concert Band



Private Lessons- 3 credits (each course garners 1 credit hr. per semester)


Last Reviewed: December 27, 2007