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Care Reports


A care report is used to provide information to Student Affairs staff regarding concerns that you may have for a member of the University Community. You have the option to remain anonymous, if you wish. 

The Virginia Tech tragedy has heightened our awareness of the need to communicate concerns about student mental health issues that compromise health and safety. The Care Report invites you to work with us to identify students that you may be concerned about and intervene on their behalf before problems escalate into a crisis.

The counseling staff is grateful for the referral’s received by the faculty, staff, and students here at Pitt-Johnstown.  It is important to work together to identify troubled students, educate them about the resources available to them, and encourage them to seek help.  After a referral has been made, the counseling staff will follow up with the student and make every effort to encourage that individual to make a counseling appointment. All information shared by the student with the Counseling Center will be strictly confidential.

Signs that a student may be at risk:

  • Academic progress has decreased significantly despite attempts to intervene
  • Abilities and performance appear to be impaired by mental health and/or wellness issues
  • Displaying “disturbing” behaviors and/or expressing violent comments
  • Extreme changes in behavior or mood (i.e. crying, depression, disruptive behavior, attendance, decreased work performance, deteriorated hygiene, lethargic, attention problems, angry outbursts)
  • Excessive preoccupation with morbid themes, violent  fantasies, weapons or explosives

 Reporting Concerns

Click on this link and fill out a report online and submit:


This link is also available at the bottom of the Counseling Services and Health & Counseling Services web page



Last Reviewed: December 19, 2007