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Traditional Chemistry Option (B. S. Chem)

Required Courses

The B.S. option requires students to take one year each of General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and the corequsite lab courses.  Usually during their third and fourth year students take Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis, Physical Chemistry (2 semesters) and P-Chem lab and Inorganic Chemistry. 

Chem majors also take 12 credits of chemistry electives. Students may choose from Biochemistry (I, II & lab) and Synthesis & Characterization Lab. Other electives are offered less frequently. Students may count up to three credits of undergraduate research toward their 12 credits of chemistry electives.

In addition, two semesters of calculus and calculus-based physics are also required.

Sample Schedule
This shows a typical schedule for a chemistry major beginning with the fall semester of the first year.
First Year
Chem 0111 Gen Chem IChem 0112 Gen Chem II 
Chem 0113 Gen Chem lab I Chem 0114 Gen Chem II Lab
Math 0221 Calculus I Math 0231 Calculus II 
English 0004 Freshman Seminar Eng 0006 Composition II 
Gen Ed Knowledge Concentration Gen Ed Knowledge Concentration  
University Scholarship 15
Second Year
Chem 0231 Organic I4 Chem 0232 Organic II4
Chem 0233 Organic Lab I1 Chem 0234 Organic Lab II1
Phys 0150 Physics I4 Phys 0152  Physics II4
Phys 0151 Physics I Lab1 Phys 0153  Physics II Lab1
Math 0241 Calculus III 


 Gen Ed Knowledge Concentration 6
Gen Ed Knowledge Concentration 3  
 16 16
Third and Fourth Year
Chem 0325 Analytical Chem 4Chem 1327 Instrumental Analysis
Chem 1341 Physical Chem I3 Chem 1342 Physical Chem II3
  Chem 1343 Physical Chem Lab2
Chemistry Elective3Chem 1131 Inorganic Chem3
Chemistry Elective (or Research)3(Chem 1133 Synthesis & Characterization)(1)
Gen Ed Knowledge Concentration 3 + 3Chemistry Elective3
Electives Electives  or Research6 + 3
  Gen Ed Knowledge Concentration 3
 16 + 12 16 + 16
Chemistry Electives
Fall offerings Spring offerings 

Biochemistry I (1321)

Biochemistry II (1322)

Biochemistry lab (1323) Synthesis and Characterization lab (1133)
 Spectral Analysis (1325)
 Polymer Chemistry (1331)
 Medicinal Chemistry (1332)
Up to 3 credits of undergraduate research will count as chemistry electives

Writing and Speaking Enhanced Chemistry Courses
Chemistry majors may elect from the following to meet the General Education writing competency.
Chem 1131 Inorganic Chemistry 
Chem 1322Biochemistry II 

Chemistry majors may elect from the following to meet the General Education speaking competency.

Chem 1133 Synthesis & Characterization Lab 

Other options

Students majoring in Chemistry often choose to take additonal courses in Mathematics or Physics. Common options include:

Mathematics:    Ordinary Differential Equations (Math 1271)


 Linear Algebra (Math 1181)
Physics:Electromagnetism and Optics (Phys 0450)  


 Quantum Physics (Phys 1300)

Last Reviewed: March 10, 2008