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"Discover Fall 2006" Offers More Than 30 New Courses

"Discover Fall 2006" Offers More Than 30 New Courses

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Fall is the perfect season for adults to make time for themselves…learn new hobbies…take care of mind and body…and improve self worth and value.   And the Discover Fall 2006 at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is the perfect program featuring 32 new courses in a total package of 60!

Register now for early bird discounts through Friday September 22!  Courses start at various times, beginning October 2.

Discovering yoga techniques for increased body awareness, turning winter into a healthier season with natural methods to treat flu and other symptoms, eliminating heartburn and stomach pain, uncovering the dietary value in tasty snacks that are good for you, and firing up your metabolism to efficiently burn calories….and more….are all part of the popular and growing “Mind and Body Series.

New to the regular enrichment series is helping parents to gain easy steps to homework success in Homework Help 9-1-1.  New home buyers or those in search of that dream house will find answers in special programs in the “Personal Enrichment Series!  Additionally, learning how to find new treasures will help beginning “antique-ers”…as well as gaining keen insights to the importance of bees wax and citrus trees in the restoration of antiques.  

 With so much more offered in the series, including being able to capture the colors of fall with digital photography and the creation of professional pictures to discovering the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui to bring harmony to life….fishermen will find great interest too in learning fly-tying techniques conducted by the local chapter of Trout Unlimited.  More featured programs for artists will demonstrate the Bob Ross paint in a day technique and an autumn-themed painting class.  And geneaology, crocheting and knitting…add to the fun in the series.

Mm-m-m-m….tasty fall delights and delectables are abundant in the cooking programs in the “Bottleworks Series,” celebrating the cultural diversity of the peoples of the region.   Moo Shoo pork livens up the dinner table and Indian spices offer easy and exotic recipes.  From Hungarian goulash to the harvesting of pumpkin soup and apple bread….participants can also learn the benefits in high fiber.  Amazing dinner guests with authentic Japanese dishes and discovering the value in cooking with mesquite are appealing to those who enjoy good foods with easy preparation.  Sampling these recipes and more, including fresh salsa and green chilis, mouth watering Italian biscotti and even warming up with the tantalizing flavors in a Brazilian adventure add to the tasty fun in this kitchen program!  More to the series includes courses in the Indonesian art form, batik, for wearable fashions, personalized holiday greeting cards and the hands-on creation of elegant Slovenian bobbin lace.

The journey to physical fitness takes many forms…participants can choose the best one and set goals to get started today with an ACE Certified Trainer.  The “Fitness Solutions Series” also offers beginners the benefits of the Tai Chi world to enhance body and spirit and grace…while teaching others to pack the punch with Cardio Kick-Fit and Stability Ball Workout through the East Hills Recreation Commission. Dancing from Folk-Italian Style to Swing and the Hustle will get everyone alive with music and movement!  Rounding out the fitness program are splashing in water aerobics to music to flattening abs with Pilates to even the ancient art/exercise form of bellydancing!

Increasing job performance to fulfill career objectives is of key interest to participants in the “Professional Development Series.”  Highly trained experts provide tips and tools for problem-solving and decision making on the job, offer guidance in strategic planning, and how to get hired by doing 10 simple things each day.  Learning how to effectively write, communicate, conduct meetings and understand body language in business today will improve all personal interaction.  And even the grant writing course will strengthen the resume!

Don’t forget the power of computers and software to improve your skills on the internet, excel with numbers and graphs in Excel, create jazzy powerpoint presentations and learn graphic design with Photoshop!

Call the UPJ Outreach Office at 814-269-2099 or visit the website for a free “Discover Fall 2006” brochure, filled with course details and complete registration information.

The Office of Outreach and Professional Services at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown delivers quality educational programs and services to our region.  Through a strong commitment to developing community partnerships to meet educational needs, the office offers enrichment programs for adults as well as a variety of educational opportunities for children.  Operating within the Outreach Office is the John P. and Joyce Murtha Center for continuing Education and Professional Development, which offers graduate-level study and professional development programs.

Posted by Shook, Kimberly on 9/18/2006 12:15:00 PM