University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Pitt-Johnstown Seal

May 2006

12:30 P.M.

Present:  A. Leibfried, J. McGuirk, M. Alberter, N. Brunberg, B. Heider, S. Kerchenske, K. Kinsinger, J. Petsch, J. Radovanic, A. Sadvari, S. Wilson, V. Biter


Nancy made a motion to approve the April minutes with the correction on page two (SAC Night Out for March “was canceled”). Jaime seconded the motion.


President’s Report 

Andrea went through four boxes of archived SAC stuff, pictures, etc., and feels we can get rid of a lot of the stuff.  She’ll go through it over the summer and can use some help doing it.


Andrea met with President Etheridge re the Council of Campuses and the picnic.  Dr. Etheridge will attend the breakfast and welcome everyone; he is also paying for all of the expenses associated with the Council of Campuses.  He also plans to attend the picnic and host the games.


Andrea asked him if it was OK for us to do some fundraising for our SAC budget and he approved it. She will see what is left in our gift fund.

Committee Reports 

Staff Activities:  Andrea Sadvari reported that her group met on Tuesday, May 2nd; she received 10 more names of people who will be attending and passed around a sheet listing what everyone was bringing.  The group will meet at 12:30 on Thursday to wrap the silverware; it will be color coded again this year. Joyce said when the Womens Association disbanded they left a bunch of stuff in BL Hall for SAC to use; Andrea Sadvari and Marilyn will check it out to see what it is there.  AV will provide a podium and microphone.  Nancy and Barb are working on the trivia game; winners will get movie passes again. 


Issues and Concerns:  No Report


Staff Relations: 


Sharon will send the following birthday E-cards for May:  3rd, Jennifer Kist, 4th, Joni Hoffman, 6th, Diane Lenio, 24th, Nancy Brunberg.  Work anniversary E-Cards will go to:  Betsy Goenner, 21 years, Joann Brant, 6 years, Susie Gay, 2 years, Georgine Baroni, 25 years, Nancy Brunberg, 32 years.


Community Relations:  No Report

Old Business: 

Judi reported that the lunchtime walk is going well; the 11:30 hour is more popular than the 12:30 hour. 


The gift bags were given to the three new staff members who missed the breakfast in April.


Andrea Sadvari asked for some help the morning of the picnic with cleaning off tables and setting things up.


Andrea Leibfried said invitations went out only to officers at all campuses for the Council of Campus meeting on Friday, May 19th. She will send us a copy of the invitation and asked that we get back to her about what we can attend or participate in that day.  She has gifts for all non-Pitt-Johnstown attendees:  memo pads, little clocks, post it notes, pens and pencils.  We will need to create name tags. There will be a continental breakfast and a tour of the campus.  Lunch will be a club sandwich buffet and then we will have the meeting; we expect to adjourn by 3 p.m.  There are three coming from Greensburg the morning of the meeting. Two have responded from Oakland and one from Titusville has questioned what our overnight accommodations are; nothing yet from Bradford.  Andrea will contact Rick Povich about taking photos.

New Business: 

Judi McGuirk brought up the idea of having a volleyball league this summer.  We used to have a golf league at one time.  Jaime suggested Judi contact Alyssa in Athletics. Judi will check into the idea further.


Barb made the motion to adjourn; Sharon seconded it.  Meeting adjourned at 1:03 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Nancy R. Brunberg

Last Reviewed: May 8, 2006