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April 2006

Pitt-Johnstown SAC Association Counsel Meeting
Wednesday, April 12, 2006
12:30 p.m.

Present:          Andrea Leibfreid, Judi McGuirk, Karla Garman, Marilyn Alberter, Nancy Brunberg, Barb Heider, Suzanne Kerchenske, Kate Kinsinger, Jaime Petsch, Joyce Radovanic, Andrea Sadvari, Sharon Wilson


Judi McGuirk made a motion to approve the March Minutes; Nancy Brunberg seconded the motion.


President’s Report: The SAC Association Archive Boxes were found by Bob Knipple in 125 Blackington Hall.  Andrea Leibfreid will report on the boxes after she looks through them.


                        The McLaughlin Family sent a Thank You to the SAC Association for the card we sent after Mr. McLaughlin passed away in Iraq.


                        Bruce Colbert sent a Thank You to the SAC Association for the card we sent after his mother passed away.


Old Business: Andrea Sadvari ordered mailing labels for the May 10th Staff Picnic. She will be sending the flier to the staff members.


                        Kate Kinsinger and Jaime Petsch sent about 120 Congratulation Cards to students that achieved outstanding Academic, Student, and Athletic Achievements. 


                        The Washington DC trip went extremely well.  There were 87 total paid people.  Travelers suggested a trip to New York City. 


                        The Wellness Program was a great success.  The program is continuing with a lunch time walk around campus. 


                        Marilyn Alberter has access to the SAC Association Web Page. 


                        Staff Breakfast had 27 in attendance.  Only 2 out of the 7 new staff members were present.  The SAC Association determined they should offer the breakfast twice a year only if there are at least 5 new staff members.  If there are less than 5, the SAC Association will welcome them at the next breakfast. 


New Business: On May 19, 2006 the Council of Campuses will be held at Pitt-Johnstown.  The committee will hold a meeting on April 13, 2006 to discuss the details.


                        Pending Lunchtime Activities is a Brown Bag Lunch day. 


                        SAC Night Out for March did not go well.  SAC Night Out for April has been canceled due to the Easter Holiday and April is half way over. 


                        Lunch Certificate was won by George Hancock from the Bookstore.


                        The following cards were mailed:


                                    E-Cards – Birthday

                                                April 4 – Sandy Golden

                                                April 6 – Jeanne Susko

                                    E-Cards – Work Anniversary

                                                April 4 – Kim Livingston

                                                April 17 – Sam Gemus

                                                April 27 – Joni Trovato

                                    Sympathy Card

                                                March 29 – Bruce Colbert (mother passed away)


Marilyn Alberter made a motion for the meeting to adjourn; Barb Heider seconded the motion.

 Next Meeting

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Last Reviewed: April 14, 2006