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January 2006

Pitt-Johnstown SAC Association Council Meeting
January 11, 2006 12:30  PM 

Present: Andrea Leibfreid, Andrea Sadvari, Karla Garman, Sharon Wilson, Joan Keirn, Bob Knipple, Jeanne Susko, Barb Heider, Nancy Brunberg, Jaime Petsch, Vicki Biter, Kate Kensinger, Judy McGuirk, Suzanne Kerchenske

A motion was made by Andrea Leibfreid to amend the minutes from the December 14th meeting.  The correction is to the Family Holiday Project.  We not only purchased a brick in memory of Bill Clark, but we also sent Bill’s family a momento. 

Judy McGuirk then made a motion to approve the December Minutes; Barb Heider seconded the motion.


President’s Report – We received a thank you from Bill Clark’s wife.


Andrea Leibfreid overviewed what the different committees do.


New Business:

           Sharon Wilson explained the Staff Relations Committee while Andrea Sadvari went over the
Student Relations Committee.  Bob Knipple also told about the Community Relations

            Elections were then held for the new officers.  Andrea Leibfreid was nominated by Nancy
Brunberg for President.  Andrea accepted.  Judy McGuirk nominated herself for
Vice-President.  Andrea Sadvari nominated Karla Garman for Secretary; she accepted. 
Andrea Leibfreid appointed Do Berkey to council and then as Treasurer ex-officio.
All in attendance were in favor of all nominated officers.

            We then asked for volunteers to chair the committees.  The following will be the new chairs:

            Staff Activities – Andrea Sadvari

            Issues and Concerns – Joan Keirn and Nancy Brunberg

            Staff Relations – Sharon Wilson

            Student Relations – Jaime Petsch and Kate Kensinger

            Community Relations – Andrea Leibfreid

            Judy McGuirk talked about the Wellness Program – we called it ‘Fit and Fabulous’.  There
will be a wellness committee made up of Vicki Biter, Jaime Petsch, Bob Knipple and
Karla Garman.  Vicki Biter will chair that committee.

            We then talked about ideas on how to support our sports teams.  We’re going to tie in our
SAC Night Out with dinner and then a game.  Jeanne Susko will coordinate this effort.

            March 17th there will be an open house for prospective students.  Judy McGuirk asked
for volunteers to possibly help out with doing tours of the campus.  She’ll follow up
with the applicable information.


Old Business:

            The Lunch Certificate was won by Bob Knipple.


            The following cards were mailed:

             E-card – Work Anniversary

January 4 – Jackie Schreier (24 years)

January 10 – Linda Just (34 years)

January 20 – Janet Hoffman (19 years)

January 27 – Linda Coyle (3 years)

            E-cards – Birthdays

January 16 – Jackie Schreier

January 20 – Rob Eckenrod

January 22 – Joni Trovato

January 29 – Jake Stiffler


January 11 – Ericha McLaughlin (student at Pitt-Johnstown) – her father was killed serving in IRAQ


January 3 - Congratulations – Jodi Gault – 500th Win Career Victory

January 10 – Sympathy Card – Linda Just – mother passed away


January 11 – Congratulations:

Jeanne Susko – President’s Award for Excellence in Service to Pitt-Johnstown

Linus (Ron) Pryal – President’s Award for Excellence in Service to the Community

Linus (Ron) Pryal – Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Service to the Community

Andrea Leibfreid – Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Service to the University



            Barb Heider made a motion for the meeting to adjourn; Karla Garman seconded the motion.


Next Meeting

            Wednesday, February 8, 2006


Last Reviewed: May 21, 2007