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Trapt and Shinedown Headlines Pitt-Johnstown Spring Concert on April 19

Trapt and Shinedown Headlines Pitt-Johnstown Spring Concert on April 19

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The Equinox Tour featuring Trapt and Shinedown is scheduled to appear in concert at 8 p.m. Wednesday, April 19, at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Sports Center.

The concert, which is being sponsored by the UPJ Student Programming Board, is open to the public.  The general public may purchase tickets in advance at George’s Song Shop (Market Street), The Castle Pub (Ebensburg), Music Haven (Scalp Avenue), Keyboard World (Johnstown Galleria), The Music Box (Indiana), and the UPJ Student Union Information Desk.  Tickets are $22.

“Headstrong,” the opening track and debut single of Trapt, is an especially apt single-word for the foursome’s fearless approach to music-a stubborn, uncompromising dedication to doing it their own way, regardless of the consequences.  Trapt’s all-or-nothing ethos has sustained this potent creative collective through more than the usual run of false starts, dashed hopes and hardcore dues paying.  The result, as evidenced on the 11 tracks of Trapt, proves the point in no uncertain terms: if you want it done right, do it yourself.

In the mid-90’s in the sleepy suburban enclave of Los Gatos, Calif., founding members Chris Brown and Peter Charell, weaned on a diet of Korn, Soundgarden, Pink Floyd, 311 and Metallica, and formed an impromptu group that played their first “gig” at a high school performance.

By the next summer, the pair recruited Simon Ormandy.  It wasn’t until late 1997 that the fledgling group began to find their musical footing, recording a do-it-yourself CD of original songs featuring Chris’s lyrics and the band’s arrangements and selling them at local gigs.  Early the following year they landed a regular spot at The Cactus Club, a local venue that allowed them invaluable experience to develop their electrifying live act for a fast-growing audience of friends and fans.

That audience grew and by mid-1998, when the band, who was now opening for such acts as Papa Roach, Dredg and Spike 1000, graduated from high school and faced the crucial decision of continuing their musical partnership or going their separate paths in pursuit of college and career.

The group tried to have it both ways.  After recording their second independent CD, Amalgamation, which consisted of various early demos and new material, they continued to play a string of local performances up and down the central coast.  By the fall of 1999, the band members found themselves diverging, with Chris and Simon enrolling at UC Santa Barbara, Peter hundreds of miles away at UC Santa Cruz, and their original drummer relocating in between at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

What might have spelled the end of Trapt, the group held to their fierce commitment to their music.

In late 2000, after appearing at L.A.’s legendary Troubadour the group was approached by Immortal Records.  Though the label quickly lost interest, Trapt was determined to continue performing.

The group’s perseverance paid off as the group was offered an exclusive contract in 2005 with Warner Bros. Records.

The result is Trapt, featuring 12 original tracks ranging from the evocative “Echo” and the blistering “Still Frame,” through the haunting “Enigma” to the band’s signature “Headstrong.”

Shinedown delivers their musical goods with passion, power, and a perception that belies their limited time in the spotlight.

Formed in early 2001 by Brent Smith, Jasin Todd, Brad Steward, and Barry Kerch, it hasn’t taken long for Shinedown to make their mark with their 2002 debut album, Leave A Whisper.  From first note to last, this is a disc that shows a band in control of the full spectrum of rock ‘n’ roll.  Heavy without being overbearing, insightful without sounding preachy, the music created by Shinedown is designed to send those proverbial shivers racing up and down your spine.

Special guests for the concert are Halestorm.

Founded in 1927, the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown is a four-year, degree-granting college of the University of Pittsburgh.  The university offers more than 40 majors and is known for its engineering technology, education, humanities, and natural and social sciences degree programs.  UPJ has been ranked “Third in the North” among public comprehensive colleges and universities, northern region, by U.S. News and World Report, America’s Best Colleges, 2006.
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