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Energize, Organize and Harmonize Your Way into Spring with Pitt-Johnstown's Enrichment Courses

Energize, Organize and Harmonize Your Way into Spring with Pitt-Johnstown's Enrichment Courses

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One of a kind opportunities for personal enrichment and professional development are the focus of the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown’s Explore Spring 2006 program.

Seventeen new titles and a few old favorites are among 50 fun-filled courses in UPJ’s annual personal enrichment program.

Packing a punch and bounce is new programming partner, East Hills Recreation Commission, offering courses on cardio kick-fit and stability ball workout.

Discovering healing benefits, removing pain and stress, and shaping up for the summer the “Mind and Body” programs will strengthen the health and well being of course participants.  In addition, two new courses, “Iridology,” and “Natural Healing Using Essential Oils,” will present innovative tips to better health.

From inspiring confidence in conversational Spanish and sign language to unleashing artistic abilities to dancing-something for everyone is in this special part of the personal enrichment program.

Pumping up family gatherings in the kitchen, The Bottle Works Series focuses on cooking with cactus, Chinese, Indian and Southwestern cooking.  Additionally, the new Around the World Cooking Sampler lets participants satisfy their international desires for French, tropical, Mediterranean, Italian, and Bavarian delights.

For those focusing on improving their personal and career success, participants will gain powerful strategies in learning to kick the procrastination habit, manage burnout and time and maximize energy to do what’s important.  In addition, cutting-edge concepts to communicate with and lead people in business will be presented in the Employee Performance Improvement Series.  Sure to be a sellout!

From cyberspacing for seniors in a pressure-free atmosphere to protecting identity and creating powerpoint presentations and photographic art from your digital camera, these development skill sessions will turn participants into more informed “computer-talented” experts.

In the “home” series, participants will learn what to do to become financially fit to buy their dream home and even discovering the essentials to creative home landscaping techniques to developing an inviting and beautiful butterfly garden.

New this year to the spring program are dragonfly and damselfly workshops for the serious-minded naturalists to hone their skills on the collection and identification and even preservation of these fine specimens.

A free Explore Spring 2006 brochure may be obtained by e-mailing The Office of Outreach and Professional Services at or telephoning 814-269-2099.  Descriptions are available on the offices’ web page at  Classes begin the week of April 24 and special discounted prices are available for those who register early.

The Office of Outreach and Professional Services at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown delivers quality educational programs and services to our region.  Through a strong commitment to developing community partnerships to meet educational needs, the office offers enrichment programs for adults as well as a variety of educational opportunities for children.  Operating within the Outreach Office is the John P. and Joyce Murtha Center for Continuing Education and Professional Development, which offers graduate-level study and professional development programs.
Posted by Sernell, Jeff on 4/23/2006 8:00:00 PM