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March 2006

Pitt-Johnstown SAC Association Council Meeting
Wednesday, March 08, 2006
12:30 p.m.  

Present:          Andrea Leibfreid, Judi McGuirk, Karla Garman, Victoria Biter, Nancy Brunberg, Barb Heider, Suzanne Kerchenske, Diane Lenio, Joyce Radovanic, Andrea Sadvari, Sharon Wilson


Barb Heider made a motion to approve the February Minutes; Andrea Sadvari seconded the motion.


President’s Report:

                        Andrea Leibfreid, Diane Lenio, Judi McGuirk, Andrea Sadvari, and Sharon Wilson participated in the Office Olympix event.  They won the medal for Curling.  The Olympix had 34 teams this year.  Suggestions for next year were to enter more teams and encourage more fans to support the Pitt-Johnstown teams.


                        At the JPBC meeting they finalized the proposal and it was submitted to Pittsburgh for approval.


Old Business:
Update on the Washington DC trip – 77 people are confirmed at this time.  It was confirmed that we will be using 2 buses.  85 people need to attend to reach the breakeven point.  President Etheridge will donate the rest of the bus cost if we do not reach breakeven.  Victoria Biter is no longer able to attend the trip.  Nancy Brunberg will replace her as “Bus Captain.”


                        The Wellness Program is turning out to be a great success.  The Fit and Fabulous meetings are averaging 30 people.  The first speaker, Dr. James Spinos, received great reviews.  The only issue that concerns Judi McGuirk is the Biggest Loser Competition.  Participants want to be judged by percent of weight lost instead of total pounds.  Jaime Petsch will decide how to judge the competition.  A motion was made for Judi McGuirk to use SAC account money to purchase prizes for the winners of the Biggest Loser contest.


                        SAC Website Update – Jeff Sernell did not grant access to Marilyn Alberter, therefore she is unable to update the website.  Andrea Leibfreid will ask Jeff to hurry along the access process. 


New Business:
Staff Picnic scheduled for Wednesday, May 10, 2006 via Dr. Etheridge’s approval.  The SAC Association will provide the drinks.  The committee includes: Nancy Brunberg, Barb Heider, Diane Lenio, Andrea Sadvari, and Sharon Wilson.




                        Council of Campuses is pending for Thursday and Friday, May 18 and 19.  Friday, May 19, 2006 will be the actual day of the meeting.  The committee members are Karla Garman, Judi McGuirk, Andrea Leibfreid, Diane Lenio, Joyce Radovanic, and Suzanne Kerchenske.  More discussion at a later date.


                        Staff Breakfast is scheduled for Tuesday, April 11, 2006 at 7:00 a.m. in the Johnstown Room.  The invitations are printed and Sharon Wilson will distribute them closer to that date.


                        Monthly SAC Night Out for March – Diane Lenio will check with Richland Lanes to see if we can get lanes.


                        Lunch Certificate was won by Sharon Sutt from the Registrar’s Office.


                        The following cards were mailed:


                                    Congratulations Card & Retirement Certificate

                                                February 24 – Betty Lewis

                                    E-Cards – Birthday

                                                March 8 – Linda Coyle

                                                March 9 – Karen Clites

                                                March 18 – George Hancock

                                                March 22 – Sara Herr

                                                March 25 – Sherri Rae

                                    E-Cards – Work Anniversary

                                                March 3 – Janice Snyder (3 years)

                                                March 7 – Marilyn Alberter (21 years)

                                                March 9 – Joan Keirn (8 years)

                                    Get Well Cards

                                                February 27 – Bob Rukavina

                                    Sympathy Card

                                                February 28 – Jeanne Zupanchik (father passed away)


                        Diane Lenio made a motion for the meeting to adjourn; Sharon Wilson seconded the motion.

 Next Meeting

                        Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Last Reviewed: March 14, 2006