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Admissions Requirements


Adult students may pursue degree programs at Pitt-Johnstown on a part-time or full-time basis through the Office of Admissions.  Admission to degree programs in Adult Education is open to individuals who :  a.) are high school graduates or those who hold equivalency certificates, and b.) are 21 years of age or older.  Adult applicants with incomplete high school preparation may qualify for admission by taking examinations administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and earning a High School Equivalency Certificate. 

While no specific high school preparation is required, the following secondary subjects are recommended:

1.)  Four years of English
2.)  Two years of a foreign language
3.)  Three years of history and social sciences
4.)  One year of algebra
5.)  One year of plane geometry
6.)  One year of physics, chemistry or biology

Some adult students may need to be admitted through the Office of Admissions on a part-time, provisional basis.  Part-time status is defined as a maximum of eleven (11) credit hours of coursework per semester.  After successfully completing coursework on a part-time, provisional basis, adult students are granted full admission and may then elect to study on a full-time basis.  While studying on a provisional basis, adult students are required to maintain the minimum standard of satisfactory academic progress, which is defined as a GPA of 2.0 or above.  Student progress will be periodically reviewed by the Adult Education Committee.

Qualified adult students may gain admission to any of the degree programs offered by Pitt-Johnstown.  For detailed descriptions of individual program requirements, adult students should refer to the appropriate sections of the course catalog, or contact the office of the appropriate academic division.

Last Reviewed: January 5, 2006