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Choral Auditions


Audition Process 

Singers of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to audition for the choral groups at Pitt-Johnstown. 

The audition for the choirs is a short and painless process.  Students will be asked to sing some scales to check for vocal range, sing a small piece (My County Tis of Thee or one the singer has brought), and students will be asked to match pitches that the director will play at the keyboard.  Provided the singer can do all of the above, the director will then ask the singer to sight-read a few measures of music (reading music is NOT a prerequisite to getting into the choirs).    

Auditions for the fall semester for the Pitt-Johnstown Choirs will take place on the following days:

Wed. Jan. 8 from 12-12:50pm and 3-4:30 pm
Thurs. Jan. 9 from 7-9pm
Fri. Jan. 10 from 12-12:50pm

Auditions will take place in 240 Biddle Hall.  The sign up sheet for auditions will be posted on Mr. Webb's office door (233A Biddle Hall).  Please sign up for an audition time.

Audition results will be posted on the music bulletin board outside 253 Biddle Hall at the end of the audition period. 

For more information, please contact Prof. Webb at x7155 or


Miscellaneous information about the choirs 

The Pitt-Johnstown Concert Choir rehearses MW from 3-4:20pm.  The choir participates in at least one concert per semester.  The Concert Choir is frequently asked to perform in additional concerts throughout the course of the academic year.  The Pitt-Johnstown Choirs  are student clubs and receive financial assistance from the student activities funds.  As a result of the club status, the choirs charge their members dues once a year.  In addition, members of the choirs participate in community service and fundraising activities.

Singers are responsible for providing their formal concert attire (the concert attire is detailed in the syllabus).  

Singers are provided with MIDI rehearsal tracks at the start of each semester that will aid in the singers rehearsing the music outside of the scheduled rehearsal times. 

Academic Credit

Students can enroll in the choirs  for 1 academic credit per semester.  Students can also sing in the choirs without getting academic credit.  However, course requirements are the same regardless of the academic credit standing. 


Last Reviewed: December 28, 2007