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International Studies

The International Studies certificate is an interdisciplinary and flexible program which can be completed by any major, and can be a supplement to any degree program. The curriculum addresses the important international aspects of life today, and also serves as an excellent career preparation for a variety of areas including international business, government service, journalism and international communication, law, and other fields. The International Studies curriculum can be structured to fit degree programs without requiring more than four years, and often includes a study-abroad experience.

 International Studies Program and Certificates

 The International Studies certificate is structured to promote the interests of both the career oriented student and the student whose expectations of a Liberal Arts education include enhancement of one's capacity to function as an informed citizen and to understand and enjoy the world. For the student who has already made a career choice, such as toward Business or Journalism, this certificate provides the opportunity to demonstrate flexibility and a breadth of perspective and interests that is increasingly attractive to prospective employers.

As a complement to any major, the certificate program prepares students for careers working in a number of areas, including government service (both domestic and foreign), private interest groups representation, national and international service agencies, journalism, and international business.

Additionally, it is excellent preparation for admission to graduate programs such as in Political Science, Public Affairs, International Studies, Foreign Service, International Management, International Communication, and International Business. Finally, this program is an opportunity for any student to examine the significant international dimension of everyday life: a civil disturbance abroad, which becomes the cause of a perceived security threat; the immediate local impact of economic decisions made abroad; and the importance of foreign markets.

How Does it Work?

The International Studies Certificate is designed to allow students of any undergraduate major to develop perspective on international issues and background on politics and policies in other countries. The course of study includes development of language or methodology tools, and core and supplementary courses in one of the tracks: industrialized countries, developing countries, thematic specialization or international business.

The program offers both focus and flexibility to IS Certificate students. One’s individual program of study will be worked out in cooperation with the IS director, reflecting the student’s interests and career goals as well as recommendations by the IS director or other faculty concerning what Pitt-Johnstown can offer to achieve the student’s objective.

In addition, the program of study will include courses common for all undergraduates in international studies such as language training, research methods or classes in economics, foreign cultures and politics.

Last Reviewed: November 14, 2007