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Extreme Weather Conditions (Winter Weather) Policy

Each year, with the advent of cooler temperatures and the increased possibility of wintry conditions, it is time to review our policies for extreme weather conditions. The following applies to employees and students, and is provided for your information.

The weather hotline (814-269-7199) and the Pitt-Johnstown web site ( will be updated in the event of a change in operational status due to weather conditions.  In the event that weather conditions deteriorate, the campus’ operational status may be changed to any of the following:

  • Classes delayed – all classes prior to the posted start-time will be canceled; employees must report to work at their regularly scheduled time
  • Evening classes canceled – any class beginning on or after 6 p.m. will be canceled; employees should report to work as scheduled
  • All classes canceled – employees must report to work
  • Complete University closure – campus operations are suspended; Only those employees in areas that are critical to the safety and well being of our students or whose roles are vital to the sustained operation of the campus are to report to work.


In the event classes are canceled and/or non-academic operations are suspended, our procedure is as follows:

  • Weather decisions will be made before 10 PM the previous evening or by 6:30 AM the morning of the cancellation. (Status changes during the day will be made as the situation warrants.)

  • Employees and students should tune into: WJAC (NBC), WWCP (Fox), WTAJ (CBS), WATM (ABC) or WTAE (ABC).

  • Employees and students should listen to the following radio stations:
WKYE 96.5 “96 Key” WFGI 95.5 “Froggy 95”  WJHT 92.1 "Hot 92"
WCCL-FM 101.7 "Cool 101.7" WAYC-FM 100.9 WRKW 99.1 "Rocky 99"
WNTJ 1490  
  • Employees and students should view the Pitt-Johnstown home page to determine the operational conditions of the university.  The home page will be updated as soon as possible after the weather decision is made.
  • Commuter students who experience difficulty attending classes due to hazardous driving conditions should notify their professors. You are urged to use good judgment when traveling to and from class.
  • If you do not hear that Pitt-Johnstown is closed, then assume that the campus is open.
  • Please note that the Emergency Notification Service (ENS) is not used to announce course cancellations.

  • It may become necessary for an instructor to cancel a particular class.  If you think that may be the case, check the Instructor-Canceled Class Information page (

If we experience periods of severe inclement weather, which may prohibit staff employees from reporting to work at the regularly scheduled times, the following alternatives are offered to those employees not reporting to work:

  • Utilize any accumulated compensatory time, or
  • Take a personal holiday, or
  • Take a vacation day, or
  • Take a day without pay.

It is the direct responsibility of each supervisor, when approving employees’ individual time sheets, to see that the employee has indicated his/her choice as outlined above.  There will be rare occasions when weather conditions will result in the cancellation of classes for all or part of a day.  These announcements cannot be construed as “closing the University” and individual supervisors cannot declare employee holidays in response to class cancellations.  Extreme situations where we may be required to suspend non-academic operations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis in accordance with University policy.

It is recognized that some individuals will have special problems with commuting in inclement weather.  In those cases, supervisors are encouraged to be as accommodating as possible.  Efforts will be made to recognize differences in individual abilities to report to work, and, typically, no disciplinary action will be taken against individuals unable to report. However, the supervisor’s accounting for employee time must be as outlined above.

Supervisors are to advise each of their employees of the alternatives to reporting.

Faculty are expected to report when classes are in session.  Those experiencing special problems with travel should contact their Division office.  Similarly, commuter students may experience difficulty attending classes and should not be penalized for missing class when weather conditions are difficult.

November 1, 2011

Last Reviewed: October 24, 2005