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October 2005

Pitt-Johnstown SAC Association Council Meeting
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
12:30 PM

Present:   Andrea Leibfreid, Jeanne Susko, Bob Knipple, Andrea Sadvari, Betsy Goenner, Pam Bosic, Karla Garman, Sharon Wilson, Bev Walerysiak

Betsy Goenner made a motion to approve the August Minutes; Jeanne Susko seconded the motion.           

Trick or Treat – An email was sent by Andrea Sadvari asking for donations and volunteers.  All buildings will have volunteers handing out candy on October 31st.

SAC Night Out will be held this month at “Katies Place” on October 20th at 5:00 p.m.

New Staff Breakfast will be held on Thursday, October 13th.  36 staff members signed up to attend.  Bags with all kinds of goodies will be given to each new employee.

Rose Reesey Scholarship – 917 Applications were mailed to students who met the criteria.

Project Bundle Up will be held on October 15th and October 22nd.  We have 48 and 31 volunteers respectively.

Christmas Party – Jeanne contacted the Sunnehanna Country Club.  December 9th has been booked.  A “Save the Date” email will be sent with all the information.  The cost will be approximately $22 - $24 per person.

Support our Troops – We’ll be sending stationery, pens, notebooks, etc. in order to use up more of the money that was collected last year.

Lunch Certificate – The winner of the lunch certificate was Johanna Pedrazzani.

Holiday Family Project – There was a discussion on what to do with the money we collect this year.  We have one family that we’ll donate to and will also sell different colored ribbons representing the different types of cancer-support.  Jeanne will check with Dan Gotwald for the different colors of paper.

The Pitt-Johnstown Family Holiday Project committee will consist of Jeanne Susko, Andrea Leibfreid, Sharon Wilson, Bob Knipple, Betsy Goenner, Pam Bosi and Karla Gorman.  The committee will meet on November 11th  The tree will be put up in the lobby of Blackington Hall the week before Thanksgiving.  Probably November 18th.

The Salvation Army contacted Bob Knipple to see if he could get volunteers to help out with “Santa’s Workshop”.  Bob will send an email with the information and we’re also going to make that evening out SAC Night Out for December.

Dr. Etheridge would like us to explore opportunities for staff diversity training.           

The following cards were mailed:

  • E-card – Work Anniversary
    • October 23 – Sara Herr – 9


  • E-cards – Birthdays
    • October 21 – Darrell Bowman
    • October 23 – Susie Gay
    • October 30 – Georgine

Jeanne Susko made a motion for the meeting to adjourn, Betsy Goenner seconded the motion and the meeting adjourned at 1:25 PM.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, November 9, 2005



Last Reviewed: October 14, 2005