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2014-2015 Housing Application Process

This process is available starting May 1, 2014. (March 1 for current students)
Please read all of the information below before beginning the process.

The process is the same regardless of student type.

Application Process

Step 1.  Logging In

Log into the My.Pitt.Edu by visiting

After logging in successfully, click on MY RESOURCES and choose HOUSING E-SERVICES.

Once at the Housing E-Services community, click on SUBMIT FALL 2014 HOUSING APPLICATION.  

Step 2.  Housing Deposit

Payment of your $150 Housing Deposit is required at this time.  You will be redirected to Pitt-Pay at this time to submit your deposit.  Do not pay your deposit by going directly to PITT-Pay.  Use the housing online services link to access the online payment option.  You may pay via credit card or e-check according to the Pitt-Pay service options.  If you have questions or concerns about this step, please contact Housing and Residence Life.
Once you have successfully paid the deposit, you must click the APPLY PAYMENT button on the confirmation page to be redirected back to the Housing Contract.  If you simply close the window, the housing system will not be updated correctly. 
You may also pay your housing deposit in person or over the phone with the Pitt-Johnstown Business Office.  The Business Office is located in 125 Blackington Hall.  The Business Office Phone number is 814-269-7040.  Deposits paid at the Business Office will not update to the Housing system immediately.  The student will need to wait one business day to proceed with the following steps.  Students who pay through the Business Office will be directed to the Housing Contract after clicking HOUSING ONLINE SERVICES in step 3 above.

Step 3.  Complete Application

Complete the online application by choosing the Housing Application option that matches your student situation.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete.
a. As part of the housing application, you will need to indicate whether you have received the meningitis vaccine.  PA law requires all students to either receive a vaccine or seek exemption from the vaccine.  Answering the appropriate question on the application fulfills this requirement.

Step 4.  Confirmation

Once you have completed your application, you will receive a confirmation sent to your Pitt email address.

Students Under 18 Years of Age
If you are not 18 years of age at the time you attempt to complete the housing application, you will be required to provide a cosigner for the contract.  You will need to provide the email address for your parent/guardian.  They will be sent an email with instructions regarding how to co-sign the contract.  Once they have done so, you will be able continue with the housing application process.
Changing Your Housing Application
You may return at a later date to edit your preferences by navigating to the location where you originally completed the housing application and choose the EDIT HOUSING APPLICATION feature.
Roommate Requests
If you have a specific roommate in mind, please indicate that student on your housing application.  You will need the Student ID number of your intended roommate.  In turn, your roommate must note your name on his/her application.  Only mutual roommate requests will be considered.  Every effort will be made to grant roommate requests received before July 1.  Roommate requests are granted based upon room availability.
Suitemate Requests (First-Year Students Only)
To request specific suitemates, all four individual students need to send an email to and include the following information:  name of roommate, names of the students in the other room of the suite.  All students involved in the suitemate situation need to so do so to ensure that the request is mutual.  Only mutual requests will be considered.  This information must be received by July 1.  Suitemate requests are never guaranteed.
Private Room Requests
To request a private room, please complete the online Private Room Request.  To access the request, log into, click on MY RESOURCES, click HOUSING E-SERVICES, click HOUSING AND DINING ONLINE SERVICES.
Private rooms will not be assigned until after the fall term has begun.  Students will most likely start the year with a roommate. First-Year students are not typically granted private rooms.
Housing Assignments
Housing assignment information will be communicated to students in late July or early August.  This information will include the room assignment, roommate information, and move-in details