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What if I can't connect to ResNet

What if I can’t connect?

1. Re-check all your PC settings

2. Check that your operating system actually sees your network card in the device manager

3. Check that you have a good connection (check that you can see a small blinking light where your cable connects in the back of your PC)

4. Be sure you are using an Ethernet (CAT5) networking cable and not a phone cable. The Ethernet cable is thicker and has a larger jack on it

5. Try connecting through your roommate’s wall port or by using their cable if they can connect

What if I still can’t connect?

Your PC may have been compromised

• Viruses

• Trojans

• Spyware/Adware

• Hacked

• File Sharing programs

What can I do to fix it?

• Run a complete virus scan. Use the provided Symantec Endpoint Protection available from Software downloads at or another reputable anti-virus program.

• Download, install, and run the spyware programs available from Pitt, Microsoft, and other reputable vendors

• Uninstall unnecessary programs (file-sharing programs, toolbars, "free" software)

• Backup your data, format your drive, and reload your operating system and other programs

• Call the help desk at ext. 7548

• If needed, we do offer a PC reloading service for a nominal fee

Last Reviewed: May 28, 2013