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Damage Billing

As a resident, you are expected to reasonably maintain your assigned living space relative to order, cleanliness, and safety. Residents are held financially accountable for the repair or replacement costs when damages occur. Damages to a room or apartment will be charged to the occupants only. Public and common area damages, where costs are substantial and responsibility is not accepted by or identified as belonging to an individual or group, charges will be determined and divided among occupants of the residence hall. Remember, intentional damages will result in prosecution for vandalism.

*Please refer to the Damages and Liability Section in Living on Campus


How To Prevent Being Billed

When checking in, your RAs and RD will provide you with a condition report. Students need to inspect their room carefully and compare their observations to the documentation provided in their report. Changes must be submitted to the Residence Director within ONE WEEK of check-in. These changes must be communicated in writing and describe the condition of the item affected. After this date, any changes will be considered damage and may be subject to damage billing.

Your QUESTIONS Answered


When does my room get inspected?

Your Residence Life Staff will document the condition of your room prior to your arrival. When residents completely check out of their room, staff again documents the condition of the living space.

*Please refer to the Inspections and Checking-Out of the Residence Facilities Sections in Living on Campus


What happens if I do NOT pay for a damage?

Unpaid invoices for damages will result in “Service Holds” preventing registering for classes, recontracting, checking-in to housing, etc.


But what if I can fix the repair myself?

Residents are not permitted to repair or alter their living space.


Isn’t this just wear and tear, not a damage?

No. You are only billed for damages, not “wear and tear”. The Assistant Director of Housing works with physical plant supervisors to determine what is considered damage.


What if repairs need done during the year?

It is the resident’s responsibility to alert University personnel. Residents can contact Maintenance at x7130. If after hours, locate your RAs/RD who have the resources to contact the appropriate people in the event of an emergency.

*Please refer to the Maintenance Requests section in Living on Campus

Last Reviewed: May 20, 2008