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Salute to Working Women

 The Challenge of Change

Ms. Frances Lechak 
Registered Dietician 
Memorial Medical Center

Friday, April 19, 2013
11:15 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Ms. Frances Lechak, born and raised in Johnstown, is currently a registered dietician at Memorial Medical Center.  After graduating from Bishop McCort High School, she began her college career as a non-traditional student at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (1991-93). While continuing to work as a full-time cook and housekeeper at St. Benedict Church, Fran earned her BS in Dietetics (2000) and her MS in Food & Nutrition (2006) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 

Do you fear change? Are you open to learning ways to improve your existing lifestyle? Are you up to the challenge of uncovering a healthier body for yourself in 2013?  Discover the importance of incorporating new dietary and exercise changes into your routine while enhancing the overall quality of your life. Find out how to de-stress without bringing food into the already stressful equation. Sit back, relax, and hear the story of how Fran Lechak's life was impacted over the years by her love for food and good nutrition. Learn how her love for cooking actually helped her control her weight and stress issues. Fran will share her story of growing up in the 1950s and 1960s when fast food restaurants were just getting started. Reminisce with her about the importance of family vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and even backyard chicken coops that produced homegrown poultry and eggs. Get answers to questions about how to get started on a healthy eating plan and how to set realistic goals while actively living in the fast-paced 21st century.

Fran will discuss the "skinny" on the importance of setting realistic goals for weight loss while learning some successful pointers on weight management. Discover the importance of accepting the reality of your current health status...and especially admitting if you have a health problem. We've all seen television advertisements for quick weight loss tricks - find out what's true, and what's not!

Join us and learn the importance of good overall eating and exercise habits and how both impact our personal and professional lives.

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