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Where to go to get information.

The Living & Learning Center can respond to all meal plan inquires. The Business Office is where to go to add funds into your Mountain Cat Cash account. If you experience problems with your ID card, the ID center can assist you.

What is CBORD?

CBORD Privilege Control System (PCS) is a powerful windows-based program that allows patrons to make cashless purchases on campus. Here at Pitt-Johnstown, we use the CBORD system to accommodate cashless purchases at all food service locations as well as at the campus bookstore. Account data for each patron is stored on a server which is accessed via a magnetic strip of the reverse side of a patron’s ID card. There are multiple CBORD communication terminals located throughout the campus that can read the magnetic strip on an ID card.

There are currently two types of accounts maintained by our CBORD system. Foremost is the meal plan account which patrons can use only at dining facilities. The second account is known as the Mountain Cat Cash account (formerly recognized as Bonus Points) which can be used to make purchases at any food service venue as well as at the campus bookstore.

No. However, patrons can have the ID Center transfer funds from their Mountain Cat Cash account onto the vending strip portion of their ID card. Patrons can then use their ID card to make purchases at various vending machines located throughout the campus. ID card patrons also have the option of adding cash directly to their ID card for vending purposes at one of two revalue stations.  One revalue station is located in the Owen library, while the other can be found in the Technology Support Center located in Blacington Hall.  Once funds are transferred from the Mountain Cat Cash account to the vending strip they can not be transferred back and can only be used at campus soda machines and at copier locations. Money that is inadvertently transferred from Mountain Cat Cash to vending can not be refunded. Currently, the maximum amount that can be maintained on the vending strip at any given time is $20. Important reminder - funds transferred to the vending strip can NOT be used at any of the dining facilities and can NOT be refunded.


As of Fall 2012, students can now use the vending strip on their ID card to pay for color printing.   Dining Services news - Jazzman's Cafe and Bakery has been relocated to the first floor of the Biddle Hall lobby.

Last Reviewed: May 28, 2013