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March 2005

Pitt-Johnstown SAC Association Council MeetingWednesday, March 9, 2005 12:30 PM
Present:    Andrea Leibfreid, Jeanne Susko, Joan Keirn, Diane Lenio, Bob Knipple, Betsy Goenner, Dolly Yonkoski, Andrea Sadvari, Judi McGuirk, Sue Bodenschatz, Sharon Wilson 

Minutes:    Minutes of the February 9, 2005 meeting were read.  Jeanne Susko made a motion to approve the minutes and Betsy Goenner seconded the motion. 

I.          President’s Report                       
Andrea Leibfreid talked with Ron Vickroy and Pam Sabol regarding theHealth Care.  Andrea will send a letter to Pittsburgh with our concerns. 

II.         Committee Reports:   
a.  Issues and Concerns
                        No Report   
b.  Staff Activities
Judi McGuirk gave a report on the new Weight Loss Program “Fit and Fabulous”.  A total of 96 pounds, so far, has been lost in the “Pitt-Johnstown’s Biggest Loser Contest”.  We’ve had great guest speakers.  There are two weeks remaining.  Judi will decide whether or not to keep a program going or some type of support group.  We still need prizes.  Sharon Wilson will check for donations for a massage and manicure. Andrea Sadvari passed around a bus schedule from Lodestar regarding trips available.  She will check on prices for the following:  Fall Foliage, Ghost Tour, Strip District, Oglebay Lights
c. Staff Relations                       
Sharon Wilson sent (or will send) the following:                                   

E-Cards – Work Anniversary
March 3rd                     Janice Snyder
March 7th                     Marilyn Alberter
March 9th                     Joan Keirn

E-Cards – Birthdays
March 8th                     Linda Coyle
March 9th                     Karen Clites
March 18th                   George Hancock                                   
March 22nd                  Sara Herr
March 25th                   Sherri Rae

February 16th             
Ron Vickroy & Family – Ron’s father passed away.
                    Joe Wilson & Family – Joe’s mother passed away. 
Get Well: Lou Luque   
d.  Student Relations
                        No Report
e.  Community Relations                        No Report 

III.  Old Business
Care packages were mailed to 11 students and 3 soldiers whose names were pulled from a list of soldiers who don’t receive a lot of mail We have a balance of $300 to use.  Phone cards will be purchased along with some type of thinking of you card. SAC Night Out – 9 people showed up and a good time was had by all. Holiday Inn – Kelly Nagle - Wants to promote the downtown Holiday Inn by providing horse’d’ourves for a SAC Night Out. We would all order from the menu. 

IV. New Business
We received a thank you card from Joe Yasick, a student who received his care package.  SAC NIGHT OUT – Andrea Leibfred will call to make reservations for March 31st at the Holiday Inn. Judi will check on having a family picnic at Windber Rec.  Betsy will check with Sodexo to supply the meat.  Bob will call Victor regarding the Late Night Cram. Pitt-Johnstown will enter a team at the Office Olympics next year.  More information will follow. SAC LUNCH – The winner this month is Shirley Richards. 

V.  Adjournment   
Dolly Yonkoski made a motion for the meeting to adjourn, Joan Keirn seconded the motion and the meeting adjourned at 1:15 PM. 

VI.  Next Meeting
Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Last Reviewed: April 25, 2005