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About the Marketing Concentration

We believe that the successful manager of today and tomorrow must possess a wide variety of skills including analytical skills, diagnostic skills, technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills. The program of study in Marketing is designed to assist you in your lifelong development of these skill sets.

Our program recognizes that Marketing is critical to the success of all types of organizations, including not-for-profit groups. Our curriculum focuses on the central role of the Marketing concept, that is, the need to begin all planning efforts with a consideration of the needs of the consumer. To achieve this focus, we offer a basic introductory course (Principles of Marketing), and two upper level skills courses (Marketing Research and Marketing Management). We also offer juniors and seniors the opportunity to explore each of the four key areas of Marketing in much more depth through our Product, Pricing, Distribution, and Marketing Communications Management courses.

These courses provide a base of technical information that helps to prepare students for an entry-level position in the Marketing function of a business. A required course in Organizational Behavior is designed to provide you with an understanding of the importance of the human variable in managerial decision making. And, the required courses in Social Issues in Management and Management Policy foucs on developing your conceptual skills by providing you with an understanding of how all the functional areas of the organization need to work together in concert with the external environment in which they operate. Of particular note is the Marketing Internship. Based upon feedback from prospective employers, we strongly encourage students to consider completing an internship (an elective offering) or acquiring some professional part-time experience in the field in order to enhance your employability upon graduation.

It is our philosophy to promote critical thinking and analysis in all of our course offerings. We seek to accomplish this through rigorous student requirements for written and oral communication skills. Underlying all of your specific course work will be the need to work in groups (interpersonal), prepare case analyses and written presentations (diagnostic, analytical, human), and deliver oral presentation (human). We are committed to offering you the best education that we can provide.

Last Reviewed: May 19, 2005