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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I participate in Campus Ministry sponsored events even if I'm not 'religious?'
A: Yes! Campus Ministry programs are open to all Pitt-Johnstown students.  While some of our offerings, like Sunday liturgies, are distinctly Roman Catholic, students from other religious backgrounds are invited to attend, observe and participate as they feel comfortable and have interest.  In addition, we sponsor programs that are Christian but would be comfortable for Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox students alike; other programs focus on individual vocation, direction and spiritual discernment regardless of faith background; still others are deliberately interfaith or multifaith.

Q: Where/ when can I pray, meditate or go to worship? 
A: J. Irving Whalley Memorial Chapel is located in the northwest corner of campus, on Kunk's Drive behind Kreb's Hall (beside the newly dedicated Heroe's Memorial).  The Chapel is open beginning at 9:00a.m. Monday through Friday and is a great place to experience silence and peace while on campus. 

Q: What if I don't know what I believe? 
A: College is often a time of figuring out what you believe and making your faith and practice your own. Campus Ministry is here for exactly that reason — to help answer your questions and provide you with resources and direction, to listen to your doubts and struggles, to offer ways for you to live your faith in daily life, and to be a safe and non-threatening place of exploration.  We think these ultimate questions are pretty important, so we’ll gladly travel with you on the journey.

Q How do I find Campus Ministry?
Our office is located in Whalley Chapel, behind the main sanctuary.  Catholic Campus Ministry is located just off to the right of the main Chapel, and Protestant Campus Ministry is located off of the Fellowship Room directly behind the main altar.  Our Fellowship Room is a great place to study, bring your lunch, enjoy our comfy couches and big screen tv or just to hang out.  It is also the normal location of our activites such as dinners, bible studies, small groups, etc.  You are always welcome to stop in and join us!