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All Posters will be in the Heritage Hall

Spring 2005

  • Poster Session I: 1:30 to 2:30
  • Poster Session II: 3:15 to 4:15
Abstract NumberAuthorsTitle
II-1AmayoSurface Water Quality in The Stonycreek River
I-2ArendPainted Conversation (poem)
I-3AshleighThe Effect of Chain Length on Electron Transfer
II-4GirardotChameleon Jive (poem)
I,II-5Barta, Casey, Davis, Horvath & MahdaviDistortions in the Memory of the Pitch of Speech
II-6Beecher, Hostetter & MarshallWireless Electronic Menu
II-7BickfordIncreased Acidity of 2-Naphthol...
I-8BierThe Effect of Aluminum in those with Alzheimer's
II-9BlacknerReported Cases of West Nile Virus
II-10BowserGrowth of the Hispanic Population
II-11BurdetteSmoke and Mirrors
II-12CapraThe First Christmas Without (poem)
II-13CarsonWhere is Rural America?
I-14ClossinInvestigation of Pt(II, IV) and Pd(II) Cyanoximes
II-15ColosimoAbandoned Mine Drainage in Subsheds
I-16CookThe Political Landscape of Pennsylvania
I-17Feist & OttPinewood Derby Judge
I-18Gaertner & MurraySoftware Defined Radio Receiver
II-19GaluskaSpatial variations in the Death Penalty
I-20GilesCan Laurie be Silenced?
I, II-21Gladys, Glove, McKafferty, Koch, Tran & KaufmanEvolutionary History and Divergence of Pedicularis
II-22GlessnerThe Threat of Media Violence…
I-23GoldynPlatinum and Nonplatinum Metal Complexes
II-24GoldynAquatic Insects of the Dunning Creek…
II-25GormanGender and Memory
II-26GroveFire Service Coverage Areas in Cambria County
II-27Heinze & ConnellyA Comparison of Icelandic and Hawaiian Mantle Plumes
II-28HonkusBataan and Beyond: Japanese Cultural ...
I-29IntiharSexual Violence as Low-Value Speech
I-30KoteckiPitt-Johnstown Geography Student's Continuing Education
II-31KubicaThe Wealth of Nations
I-32LensbouerGene Flow of Garlic Mustard Populations…
II-33Lieb & BickelMobile Data Acquisition System
I-34McMahonBacterial Hemoglobin and Flavohemoglobin…
II-35MoreyWhere Immigrants Take Root
II-36Mrkich & WasielewskiIndoor Invisible Fence
I-37NicholThe Study of New cis-RuL2X2 Sensitizers..
II-38PatelAdvances in Homogeneous Hydrogenation of CO2
II-39PosaThe Shade Creek Watershed
I-40RagerAn Analysis of Ruthenium Based Antitumor Drugs
II-41RiningerMapping Moral Issues vs. Presidential Election…
II-42RizorSpatial Variations in U.S. Population Growth…
I-43RobinsonRenewable Energy Consumption Patterns
I-44SaundersObscenity and Violence in Black Entertainment
II-45SmithRuthenium Dye-Sensitized Cells: The future of Solar Energy
II-46SnyderComparison of the Red Hill Dolerites…
I-47St. Clair, Dorofey & HauptGolf Course Design
II-48SteinhauserContext Memory
II-49Stephens & StraubFractional Crystallization Origin…
II-50StillmanComparison of Continental Flood Basalt…
II-51TartoniMars: Cartography and GIS Applications
II-52ViazankoThe Kyoto Protocol
I-53WilliamsonAtomic Silicon in Siloxanic Networks
II-54WintersIndian Conversion and Its Impact on Tribal Gender Roles
I-55WoodfordSpanning the Globe
I-56YaroslavskyBackground Music and Disability Status...
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