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Rachelle R. Bouchat - University of Kentucky

NAME: Rachelle R. Bouchat
Pitt-Johnstown GRAD: 2003
MAJOR: Mathematics Major, Computer Science Minor
JOB TILTLE: Assistant Professor of Mathematics
I am a professor at Slippery Rock University in western Pennsylvania where my job is to teach four courses per semester as well as maintain an active research program.  I have a strong interest in the preparation of future teachers, particularly at the elementary and middle school level.  
My schedule is fairly flexible, and my work (for the most part) is portable.  I can research at home or in the office or wherever I have the most motivation.  I also get to see students develop from the time they are freshmen and just starting out on their own to the time they are seniors and are ready to enter into their chosen careers.
Becoming a professor requires you to go to graduate school.  If you are thinking about graduate school, realize that it is a lot of work and a big commitment. As long as you are hardworking, it should go rather smoothly. When checking out prospective graduate schools, don't just look at the statistics; but take the time to visit the school and make sure that you feel comfortable with the atmosphere of the department. Most importantly, while you are in undergraduate learn as much mathematics as you can. Best of luck to all who read this!
Last Reviewed: March 30, 2005