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The RealWorld Career Services (RWCS) Career Consultants work with students at all stages of their professional development to help with a variety of needs. Whether students are in the process of choosing a major, changing a major, choosing a career, writing a résumé, exploring internship opportunities, or preparing for an interview.

Our Web site is intended to give you an overview of our services, parents and family members are essential components to the development and engagement of college students. RWCS welcomes and appreciates family support and involvement in the career exploration process.

Ways you can help your student:

Encourage your student to visit the RWCS office during his/her first year. Our career counselors can assist your student in selecting a major, exploring different career paths and researching and connecting with internships, experiences and jobs. It’s never too early to start the process.

Be patient. It is natural for college students to seek more independence as they find their places in the world.

Support his/her choices. Maintain an open mind when your student considers possible majors and career paths. Encourage your student to explore new opportunities. Trust your student’s judgment.

Partner with the RWCS office to assist current students

Is your employer, business or organization interested in recruiting Pitt-Johnstown
students? Do you have an interest in giving back to your student’s university? Can you provide job or internship opportunities or volunteering as a mock interviewer or etiquette coach? There are many ways parents and family members can partner with the RWCS office to assist our current students and graduates achieve their dreams.

Understanding The Millennial Generation:

  • More practical, rather than cynical or passionate
  • Strong family ties; maximum parental involvement
  • More likely to trust authority
  • Less risk-taking than predecessors
  • Conventional, rather than controversial or alienated
  • Politics and social science will be hot fields of study
  • More involvement in community service/volunteerism
  • Hottest topics for debate: class and culture

What Makes A Pitt-Johnstown Education Valuable?

The Pitt-Johnstown Mission is to
offer a high quality educational experience, in a supportive living-learning environment, that is grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, that is current, and that is responsive both to our students' personal and professional needs and to our communities' needs. Pitt-Johnstown’s enhanced academic experience focuses on key themes to help our students develop their leadership, involvement, service and teamwork skills. We do that by providing them with the opportunity to get involved with our RealWorld Action Program.


Pitt-Johnstown students say we offer
"a small school feel with a big university name"
that translates into
"a very positive employment rate for graduating students."


Pitt-Johnstown rates above its peers!
Results from the Spring 2010 Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory show:

  • Pitt-Johnstown rates above its peers in quality of campus services.
  • Pitt-Johnstown rates above its peers in services to help students decide a career – an area central to our core value of getting students ready for the real world.
  • Pitt-Johnstown rates above its peers in overall service to students.

Noel-Levitz is a recognized leader in higher education consulting with nearly four decades of helping campuses meet and exceed student's expectations.