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“Get with the Program!” 

Programming Board Mission Statement: The Pitt Johnstown Programming Board is a student-initiated and student-directed organization committed to providing a variety of social entertainment events open to the entire Pitt Johnstown undergraduate community while serving as a vehicle though which students can express their voice and bring their ideas to life.  The Pitt Johnstown Programming Board strives to enhance the Pitt Johnstown students’ experience by providing a variety of creative, educational and entertaining programs that appeal to all audiences. 

About Programming Board: The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Programming Board (PB) is a student-run, student funded organization that is committed to providing its students with diverse, entertaining, and exciting activities to do on-campus.  Programming Board strives to offer a variety of educational and entertaining programs to compliment students academic experience.  Events offered include but are not limited to concerts, comedians, carnivals, drive-in movies, speakers, spoken word artists, and novelty activities.  Programming Board events are open to all students and occasionally offer door prizes for attendance. 

Have a fresh idea for an event, speaker, or other program?  Or like something you have seen in the past?  Share it with us!  Want to be more than an attendee?  You can be a participant in the even planning process!  Programming Board is a student-run organization that is in control of coordinating booking, promoting, and producing programs for students.  By becoming a member of the Programming Board students have the opportunity to determine performers, artists, acts, and events that will come to the Pitt Johnstown campus.  

Students who are members of Programming Board get the opportunity to work on exciting committees such as Advertising & Marketing, Comedy, Special Events, and Concerts.  Students live, learn, and create unforgettable experiences for the Pitt Johnstown student community while meeting new friends and making new memories. 

The University of Pittsburgh Johnstown Programming Board is a branch of the Student Government Association and consists of nine executive board members and close to 50 general board members. 

Mailing Address: Programming Board, 450 Schoolhouse Road, Johnstown, PA 15907 

Phone: (814) 269-7088 


Office: 140 Student Union 


Frequently Asked Questions: What does PB do?

PB is a student-run organization that brings a variety of entertainment and educational programs to campus. Events include bands, speakers, comedians, movies, local talent, novelties and much more!

How is PB connected to the University?

Prgramming Board operates and is advised under the Student Government Association. Student Government allocates Programming Board a yearly budget for student activities.

How does PB fund the events brought to campus?

PB is a Front-End Budgeted (FEB) organization, which means that we receive a portion of the students’ Activity Fee from Student Government Association. The other portion of our budget is generated throughout the year from ticket sales for concerts.

What events has PB sponsored?

In the past Programming Board has sponsored Gym Class Heroes, The Chris Higbee Project…

How does PB select the concerts that come to campus?

Concerts are selected based on campus-wide student surveys, trends in the music industry and availability of artist and venue. Look for PB to survey campus throughout the year to determine what would be best for campus.

Oher schools have concerts like Kanye West and Rascal Flatts on campus. Why doesn’t Pitt Johnstown?

There are several different reasons why other schools bring more prominent artists. Many programming boards operate on a larger budget. Also, many schools run concerts through a contracted venue, which actually brings the artists instead of the school. UPB chooses to offer a variety of musical events to appeal to a more diverse audience. In addition, larger acts would mean higher ticket prices.

Why does PB charge students for concert tickets?

We sometimes charge student ticket prices so that we can bring more and better programs to you.

Where can I purchase tickets to PB events?

Tickets for concerts can be purchased at the Information Desk located in the Student Union.

Where can I find out about upcoming PB events?

We regularly post event information on our website on the Pitt Johnstown homepage (, and on bulletin boards across campus and through advertisements in the Student Union. 

How can I give feedback or suggestions about future PB events?

We would love to hear your thoughts on events and activities you want to see on campus. You can share your ideas by emailing, contacting an executive council member, attending a committee meeting, by calling (814) 269-7088, or stopping by the PB office in 140 Student Union.

Where is the PB office?

Our office is on the second floor of the Student Union in room 140, down the small hallway past the dining hall and the Student Life Office.

How can I get involved with PB?

Visit us at our bi-weekly meetings every other Wednesday nights at 5:00pm, come by our office in 140 Student Union, talk to an executive council member, call the UPB office at (814) 269-7088 or email us at

Programming Board General Board

Mission Statement: The General Board provides perspective on what students want from SAB, as well as bringing fresh new ideas for activities and events. The general board is the core of student input on the Board's activities, both serving as a sounding board for the decisions and plans of the Executive Board and representing the student body within the Programming Board’s organization.  Each volunteer supports the Executive Board by attending the bi-weekly meetings and helping with events on campus.

A General Board Member…

  • Attends General Board meetings that will are scheduled twice a month. .
  • Participates in planning events, and helping executive board members.
  • Keeps a positive attitude.

A General Board Member has opportunities to…

  • Gain experience in event/program planning as well as marketing and promotions.
  • Make connections with people who work in the University.
  • Earn references and a build their resumes.
  • Experience teamwork and time management.
  • Develop their leadership skills. 

Benefits of being a General Board Member…

  • Receive free admission to Programming Board sponsored events.
  • Have direct input on how your tuition money is spent.
  • Earns opportunities to be selected as one of the executive chairs.
  • Meet new and interesting people and have fun doing it!  

Last Reviewed: April 27, 2010