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Undeclared Advising and Scheduling Assistant


The Academic Success Center is Pitt-Johnstown's "home" for undeclared students.  The Center's academic advisors are asking you to contemplate your interests and strengths and to think about classes you would like to take in the fall.

Starting your college career undeclared is a smart and strategic decision.  About 80% of college students admit they really are not certain about their major, and over 50% will change their major at least once before graduating.  As an undeclared student you will take general education courses that will count toward your eventual major.  As you do so, you will explore your options and develop your interests so that you make sound major and career decisions.

To begin the exploration process, you must complete the Undeclared Advising and Scheduling Assistant Modules, which are available on-line at Pitt-Johnstown Campus Services.  The modules are intended to:

  1. Provide academic advisors with feedback regarding your interests and strengths.
  2. Educate you on Pitt-Johnstown's academic disciplines and majors.
  3. Allow you to indicate your course preferences for fall.

An academic advisor will review the information you've submitted and create your fall course schedule, which you will receive during the Academic Planning Day. (If you cannot attend an Academic Planning Day, please contact the Academic Success Center at 814-269-7998.) Before you proceed through the modules, please review the important information below.

Before You Begin...
  • All incoming first-year students must take EngCmp0005: Composition 1, unless you transfer these credits.  Your academic counselor will add this course to your schedule.
  • All students must take a math course their first semester.  Your class placement is determined by your math placement score.  More information on placement exams may be found at  If you do not take the math placement, you are placed into Math 0001: Algebra 1.  Your academic counselor will add the appropriate course to your schedule.  

  • All first-year students must take CAS 0001: University Scholarship, a one-credit, graded course to assist your academic and personal transition to college.  The course will also prompt you to engage in the major and career planning process.  Your academic counselor will add this course to your schedule.

  • If you wish to take a Chemistry course, you must take the chemistry placement exam.

  • If you wish to take a foreign language, you must take a placement exam in French, German or Spanish.

  • If you are not certain as to whether you will take chemistry or a language at Pitt-Johnstown, we recommend that you take the appropriate exam.

  • If you are transferring credits, you must contact the Office of the Registrar.  Please do so in a timely fashion so that appropriate classes are scheduled for you.  More information can be found at "Transfer Credit Guidelines".
General Education Requirements & Major Listing

To browse Pitt Johnstown's majors and minors, visit the on-line Academic Source Book.

General Education courses represent a set of requirements for all Pitt-Johnstown students seeking a degree.  These courses enable students to gain and use knowledge and skills that are important for personal and professional growth.

Not only will the General Education courses count toward your degree, but experiencing the variety of disciplines will assist you in deciding upon a major.  Visit the General Education course listings and requirements for each competency and knowledge area.