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Statement on Governor Corbett's Proposed Budget

Statement on Governor Corbett's Proposed Budget

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By now, I hope you’ve read the Chancellor’s response to Governor Corbett’s proposed budget.  As the Chancellor correctly observed, the proposed budget contains “stunningly deep cuts to the support that has long been provided to public higher education.” Please see the full text of the Chancellor’s statement at  The Governor’s proposed budget reduces Pitt’s general education appropriation by 50 percent.  This amounts to an $80 million cut in the University’s education and general budget. Altogether, the targeted cuts to Pitt amount to a staggering $110 million.

In the coming weeks, it is hoped that advocacy efforts expressing concerns about the Governor’s budget will lead to a more positive outcome. In the meantime, it is too early to know how any proposed cuts will be distributed across the Pitt System.  As soon as we know more about the specific adjustments, if any, I will share that with you.  In addition, I look forward to briefing the various governance units, including the Faculty Senate Council, the Staff Association Council, Student Government Association, and the JPBC in the coming weeks.

As challenging a period as we face in the days and months ahead, we must not lose sight of the progress we are making. Notwithstanding the recent recession, we have continued to fulfill our mission by burnishing a record of academic excellence, enhancing our collegiate environment, improving our facilities, and strengthening ties with our respective communities and constituencies.

Thank you all for your service to the University and the contributions you make toward the realization of our institutional mission and vision.  Thanks to your dedicated efforts, we continue to make progress as a leading institution at the forefront of baccalaureate colleges when it comes to preparing students for the real world.

Jem Spectar

Posted by Knipple, Robert on 3/16/2011 10:50:00 AM