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Permission to Take Classes at a Non-Pitt Institution

A Pitt-Johnstown student is permitted to attend a summer or special session of another accredited institution in order to supplement their programs if they are in good academic standing (Minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.000).  In order to receive appropriate credit for courses taken at other institutions, students must request permission from the Office of the Registrar prior to enrolling in the course.

Students requesting permission must have begun their program in the University of Pittsburgh system or must have been enrolled as a transfer student with no more than 30 advanced-standing or transfer credits. Students must also meet the additional guidelines for the request to be approved.

A maximum of 2 summer or special sessions may be taken at other institutions, with a maximum of 2 courses a session.  Students may submit more than two courses for approval, but only 2 courses on the authorization form will be eligible to transfer to Pitt-Johnstown.  (The student will need to identify which 2 of the approved courses they will be taking.) Any additional course(s) taken beyond the 2 course maximum will not transfer.

In order to receive appropriate credit for courses taken at another institution:

1) Students must obtain the Permission Request Form. Review the list of guidelines (listed on page 2 of the form, and on the guideline link above) before submitting the request.

2) Students should refer to the Transfer Credit Equivalencies tables to determine if the course they are requesting is already listed as transferrable from that particular school. If the chosen course appears to be transferrable, print the page and attach it with the Permission Request Form.  If the chosen course does not appear to be transferrable, or the school is not listed, then the student must visit that particular school's website to find a course description to attach to the form for the course to be evaluated.

3) Once the course selections have been discussed with their advisor, the student must obtain a Division Chair signature for each course submitted on the form. The student must take the form to the Division Office of their major to ensure that the course is appropriate for their academic progress. The Division Chair Signature does not guarantee that the request will be approved or that it has been approved.

4) Once the Division Chair Signature(s) are obtained, the Permission Request Form should be returned to the Office of the Registrar in 279 Blackington Hall, either by the student, or the Division Office signing the form.

5) Students and advisors will be notified by the Registrar's Office via campus e-mail whether their request has been approved or denied.  Requests must meet the Transfer Credit Policies and guidelines for taking courses at another institution.  Read the guidelines before submitting your permission form; incomplete forms will be returned.

6) Once the course(s) are completed, the student must request an officical copy of their transcript to transfer the credits back to Pitt-Johnstown.  Official Transcripts should be mailed directly from that school to:

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Office of the Registrar
450 Schoolhouse Road
279 Blackington Hall
Johnstown, PA  15904

How do I know if the course I am requesting is equivalent? 

A listing of current course evaluations can be found under Transfer Credit Equivalencies. The links on the webpage contain alphabetical listings for two and four year schools with courses that will transfer to Pitt-Johnstown. The left side columns list the subject, course number, title and credits for the transferring school. On the right side you will find Pitt-Johnstown's equivalent subject, course number, title and transfer credits.  These listings are NOT all inclusive, if a college or course is not listed, transfer equivalencies may not have been established.

If your chosen course does not appear in the equivalencies, attach a course description with your request form to be evaluated by the Registrar's Office.  You may contact the Registrar's Office with any questions regarding the equivalencies.