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Online Strong Interest Inventory Instructions

Pitt-Johnstown, RealWorld Career Service

 Assessment takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes to complete


To Take an Assessment:

1.) Using a web browser (i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer)
access the CPP Web Administration site at:

2.) Enter the following Account Login: mountaincats  

3.) Enter the following Account Password: upjstudent

4.) Leave the “User ID” blank unless you are returning to
complete an assessment. Click: Login

5.) From the menu, select the desired assessment – Newly revised Strong Interest Inventory. Click: Begin!

  • You will be prompted to fill out a demographics page.

    • Provide the requested demographic information.

    • Click: Continue Now!

  • Follow all directions to complete your assessment.

  • Be sure to answer the questions as spontaneously as possible.

  • Respond to every item.

  • After completing the assessment, click Done at the bottom of the page.

    • If taking a break from an assessment, be sure to click the done button so your responses will be saved and can be recovered when you resume.

    • Write down the ID number so that you can resume and/or take additional assessments using the same client ID.

    • Please DO NOT close your browser without following the specific instruction or your assessment will not be submitted.

    • After you have clicked “Log Out” you may close your browser session.

  • When finished with the assessment, please contact Career Services at (814) 269-7123 or email to go over your results with a counselor.

Last Reviewed: August 11, 2011