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Historic Faculty Hiring Initiative Continues for 2011-2012

Historic Faculty Hiring Initiative Continues for 2011-2012

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   In today’s “sink or swim” economic environment, the success of higher education may be reflected in new graduates’ readiness to move quickly into jobs that may not have existed when they were freshmen. The development of new technologies has created untold numbers of specialty jobs across the board:  from chemistry to communications, education to energy, humanities to healing, it is clear that today’s students need and demand new programs that can prepare them to compete in the hypercompetitive world that exists today.

   Our New Dimension of Excellence Strategic Plan (implemented in April 2008) has yielded an early harvest of exciting new courses and majors as it pursues its goal of increasing academic quality, responsiveness, distinctiveness, and competitiveness. Many of the new offerings will be on the 2011 fall schedule, and efforts to secure outstanding faculty, building upon the historic faculty hiring initiative that began last year, are gathering momentum.

   Already nationally recognized for its quality academic programs, Pitt-Johnstown's newest faculty hiring initiative will strengthen that quality while contributing to the economic development of the region.  Pitt-Johnstown has long-been a key partner in strengthening the economic development our region, and our current annual impact exceeds $60 million.  The hiring of new faculty is part of the momentum that is transforming Pitt-Johnstown and helping us to achieve our vision of being a leading institution at the forefront of baccalaureate colleges when it comes to preparing students for the real world.

   Of 22 faculty positions currently available, more than a third are the result of new academic programs that respond directly to student and community needs, leverage advanced technologies, reflect changing trends in education and health sciences, and address important global challenges in the areas of environmental science, and international commerce.

   A new assistant professorship in the Humanities Division, for example, calls for expertise in, “advanced coursework in creative nonfiction, literary journalism and new media.”  Dr. Frances M. Zauhar, Humanities Chair, observes that while emerging technology requires constant learning, solid writing skills last a lifetime. “We are responding to a recognized need to give our students pre-professional experience in web writing and new media,” she explains.

   A new major in early childhood education will necessitate a new faculty position, not only for course work, but also for oversight of the teaching practicum – student teaching - as current first-  and second-year students move beyond classroom instruction. Another new position in the Education Division will further expand course offerings in special education.

   The Social Sciences Division is seeking a new faculty position for a program not presently on the schedule at Pitt-Johnstown.  As Chairperson Dr. Ray Wrabley explains, “We’re hiring an instructor of business management- management information systems.  Ultimately, we will offer a new concentration in management information systems as part of our business degree, hopefully as soon as this fall.” A planned Social Sciences major in justice and criminology is being developed and its requisite faculty expertise inform the present job description of an Assistant Professor of Justice and Criminology.

   Recent expansion of the Pitt-Johnstown nursing program has included the creation of a state-of-the-art nursing simulation laboratory with a variety of patient simulators. The hiring initiative includes three nursing positions, among them a classroom instructor who will also design and coordinate laboratory instruction and supervise the simulation lab activities.

   Review of applications will begin in late February and continue until the positions are filled.  All faculty positions will begin in the fall term.

   Below is a complete list of faculty positions to be filled, grouped by academic divisions (further information on these positions is available at

Education Division

  • Education Division Chairperson & Associate Professor or Professor of Education
  • Assistant Professor or Instructor of Early Childhood Education
  • Assistant Professor or Instructor of Secondary English Education
  • Assistant Professor or Instructor of Secondary Science
  • Education Assistant Professor or Instructor of Special Education

Engineering Technology Division

  • Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Assistant Professor or Instructor of Electrical Engineering Technology

Humanities Division

  • Assistant Professor of English Writing
  • Assistant Professor or Instructor of Theatre

Natural Sciences Division

  • Assistant Professor of Biology (vertebrate biology)
  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry (organic/green chemistry)
  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry (health professions chemistry)
  • Assistant Professor of Energy and Earth Resources
  • Instructor of Mathematics

Nursing and Health Sciences Division

  • Nursing and Health Sciences Division
  • Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Assistant Professor or Instructor of Nursing
  • Instructor of Nursing

Social Sciences Division

  • Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Assistant Professor of Justice and Criminology
  • Assistant Professor of Business Accounting and Finance
  • Assistant Professor or Instructor of Business Management - Management Information Systems
  • Instructor of Cartography/Geographic Information Systems

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