University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
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January 2005

Pitt-Johnstown SAC Association Council Meeting
Wednesday, January 12, 2005  12:30 PM  

Present: Andrea Leibfreid,  Sharon Wilson,  Bob Knipple, Andrea Sadvari, Joan Keirn, Dolly Yonkoski, Bev Walerysiak, Jeanne Susko, Diane Lenio, Marilyn Alberter, Judi McGuirk, Betsy Goenner and Roxanne Blough 

Minutes: Minutes of the December 8, 2004 meeting were read.  Bob Knipple made a motion to approve the minutes and Betsy Goenner seconded the motion.  

I.  President’s Report:  §         No report    

II.  Committee Reports:

  1.  Issues and Concerns:  §         No report. 
  2. Staff Activities:  §         Bob reported 49 attended the Holiday Gathering.  Everyone had a great time.  The DJ was exceptional.   
  3. Staff Relations:  Sharon Wilson reports the following cards sent:E-Cards:  Work Anniversary- January§         4th   Jackie Schreier§         10th  Linda Leech-Just§         20th Janet Hoffman§         27th  Linda CoyleE-Cards:  Birthday- January§         3rd   Bill Billin§         15th  Jackie Schreier§         20th Rob Eckenrod§         22nd Joni Trovato§         29th Jake StifflerCard Sent:  §         Mary Ann Grabish, Schrader Flower Shop, - Thank you for the floral arrangement used for a door prize at the holiday dinner.§         Dave Yanko (Custodial Supervisor) Sympathy, father passed away.§         A card will be sent to Sister Corrine who is hospitalized.  The committee welcomed Judy McGuirk and Andrea Sadvari to the Council.The committee congratulated Bob Knipple for being awarded the President’s Staff Award for Excellence in Service.   
  4. Student Relations §         No report.   
  5. Community Relations   Andrea reported the Holiday project brought in $912.00 to date.   After discussion the committee realized the Walmart gift certificate had not been sent to the Jasper family prior to Christmas.  Bob quickly called the Business Office and found out the check was sent directly to Walmart.  Bob will look into this and handle the issue.                     Andrea reported Student Senate has provided her with a list of military students they sent packages to and what was sent to them.   Andrea will obtain a cash advance so that several committee members could go and purchase boxes and items to be sent.  Decision was made to spend approximately $40.00 per person.  Committee members previously offered to pay for shipping as an individual donation.  Roxanne reported Snyder Potato Chips will donate some Bull’s Biggest (pepperoni snack).                  

III.                Old Business:§         Reported above 


IV.                New Business:§         Bob Knipple will check with Pres. Etheridge to see if we can wear black and gold every Friday in support of the Steelers until the Super Bowl.  §         Staff Employee Lunch Certificate Winner-  Willie Meyer.  §         Elections:        The following officers were elected:·          President:  Andrea Leibfreid·          Vice-President:  Jeanne Susko·          Secretary:  Andrea Sadvari ·          Treasurer:  Doe Berkey (ex-officio)                The following committee chairpersons were appointed:·          Issues & Concerns-  Diane Lenio and Joan Keirn·          Staff Activities- Judy McGuirk and Andrea Sadvari·          Staff Relations- Sharon Wilson·          Student Relations-  Andrea Sadvari ·          Community Relations- Bob Knipple and Betsy Goenner 

Adjournment:  Joan Keirn made a motion for the meeting to adjourn, Diane Lenio seconded the motion and the meeting adjourned at 1:45 pm. 

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, February 9, 2005 at 12:30 pm.            

Last Reviewed: February 22, 2005