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February 2005

Pitt-Johnstown SAC Association Council MeetingWednesday, February 9, 200512:30 PM Present:         Andrea Leibfreid, Jeanne Susko, Joan Keirn, Diane Lenio, Bob Knipple,                       F  Betsy Goenner, Dolly Yonkoski, Roxanne Blough, Shirley Richards,                        Andrea Sadvari, Judi McGuirk Minutes:         Minutes of the January 12, 2005 meeting were read. Bob Knipple made                        a motion to approve the minutes and Judi McGuirk seconded the motion. I.          President’s Report                        Andrea Leibfreid passed around a thank you card that was received from                        the Jasper family for the gift card that was sent. II.         Committee Reports:             a. Issues and Concerns                        No Report             b. Staff ActivitiesJudi McGuirk gave a report on the new Weight Loss Program “Fit and Fabulous”. The program is not only set up to loose weight, but emphasizes healthy living. 30 employees signed up for Pitt-Johnstown's Biggest Loser Contest. They will meet at noon every Thursday for the next five weeks.  If you know of anyone who would like to guest speak about healthy living, please contact Judi McGuirk. Also, if you’d like to make a donation for a prize at the end of Pitt-Johnstown's Biggest Loser contest, contact Judi.             c. Staff Relations                        Andrea Leibfreid passed on the following information from Sharon Wilson:                                    E-Cards – Work Anniversary                                    February 10th              Mike Kemock                         E-Cards – Birthdays                                     February 8th                Janet Hoffman                                    February 24th              Stephanie Korber                                    February 28th              Betty Lewis                         Cards:                                    January 24th                Sympathy                                                                        Corrine Gaboda – her sister passed away                                     February 3rd               Congratulations                                                                        Rhonda & Andy Rose – adopted 20 month old                                                                      baby boy (Noah)                                                                         Bob Knipple and Beth Whiteman                                                                        Winners of the President’s Staff Award for                                                                        Excellence in Service Received a Thank You card from Jeanne Susko – winner of the $50.00 Galleria Gift Certificate at the Holiday Dinner.             d. Student Relations                        No Report             e. Community Relations                        No Report III. Old BusinessJeanne Susko and Andrea Leibfreid will shop for the boxes and contents that we’ll be sending to our troops. Roxanne Blough brought the ‘Bull’s Biggest’ pepperoni sticks and small tubs of cheese spread to add to the boxes. When all the ‘goods’ are bought, an email will be sent to notify those who would like to help assemble the boxes. IV. New Business            SAC NIGHT OUT – Jeanne Susko will call to make reservations for February 24th at a local restaurant.             TRIPS – Andrea Sadvari will check on bus schedules for a possible trip to Pittsburgh.             HEALTH CARE – There is a concern that our Panther Insurance will not be honored at UPMC when Conemaugh takes over. We will do a general letter of inquiry to the Faculty Senate. Andrea Leibfreid will contact the SAC in Pittsburgh, Ron Vickroy and Rick Ulsh for their input. Bob Knipple will contact an associate in Bradford for any information they may have.             SAC LUNCH – The winner this month is Tom Dupnock. V. Adjournment            Joan Keirn made a motion for the meeting to adjourn, Dolly Yonkoski seconded the motion and the meeting adjourned at 1:10 PM. VI. Next Meeting            Wednesday, March 9, 2005 

Last Reviewed: April 25, 2005