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Oral Presentations

Spring 2010

Note: Abstracts for oral presentations are marked with a T, give the session number (e.g., I), and give the approximate time of the talk (e.g., T-II, 2:30).

Session I Scholar's  Room  Convener: Michael Cox

Kalanish, Kempen, Metzger, Raybuck, Schaefer, Urban

Creative Writers Read Their Work
Poster Session IHeritage Hall 1:30 - 2:30  
Session IIScholar's RoomConvener: Cherri Randall
2:30- 3:15Pongrac, Scanlon, Frola, CiciarrelliCreative Writers Read Their Work
Poster Session IIHeritage Hall 3:15 - 4:15 
Session IIIScholar's Room   Convener: Cherri Randall
4:15 - 5:00Stern, Sanders, Bosiljevac, Kane, PrevadeCreative Writers Read Their Work
Session IIIBoard Room Convener: Patricia Hagerich
4:15Stiffler, Baxendell, Ervine, WeibleThe design and implementation of a web based testing utility
4:30VillellaThe right way to think about nature
4:45Johnston1986 Eruption of Toxic Gas from Lake Nyos