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Your smoking cessation plan

Your plan: 

Decide if you want to quit cold turkey or to wean yourself off gradually. If stopping altogether seems daunting, start to slowly cut back on your tobacco use. Switching to a brand you don’t like is an excellent way to force yourself to cut back. Don’t be afraid to seek help and/or support either professionally or with friends and family.


Set a date:

Decide what date you want to begin the quitting process and what day you want to be totally smoke free by. Remember to be realistic in your goals. Take things one day at a time.


Finding help:

There are many programs and services available to aid you in your decision to kick the habit. Many websites offer helpful tips on quitting as well as forums and hotlines where you can talk through your withdrawal with trained professionals.


Consult with your Doctor:

Sometimes your will power alone is not enough. There are many medical treatments both prescription and non-prescription such as nicorette patches and gum. Before starting any nicotine replacement medicines be sure to talk to your doctor about which one is right for you.