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Providing a safe community that fosters and respects personal, social, and environmental decisions; enhancing the awareness of self and one’s interdependence within the environment; providing opportunities for socially responsible decision making which allows students to be healthy and involved members of the campus community.


Tips & Suggestions
  • Find satisfaction and worth in your accomplishments/work
  • Ensuring your environment and relationships are comfortable
  • Being aware of the natural setting you live in
  • Recognizing opportunities that lead you to new skills and acting on those opportunities
  • Working to ensure the stability and longevity of our natural resources
  • Appreciate and respect the environment.
  • Do your part to preserve and improve environmental conditions.
  • Have a place that you can go to relax, chill out.
  • Whether it’s at home or work, have a welcoming space for you and others to feel comfortable in.
  • Reduce noise and pollution.
  • Keep yourself and others safe
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