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Alumni Succeeding in the Real World

Pitt Johnstown Alum Receives National Award
Becky Piscitella
Becky Piscitella '99 earned the distinction of being named by President Barack Obama as a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. This award is the highest recognition that a teacher can earn for outstanding teaching in the United States. Ms. Piscitella was the only teacher to be awarded in the state of Pennsylvania. She and the other honorees will receive, their awards in Washington DC. Click here to continue reading.

Pitt-Johnstown Alum Ready for the Real World

First-generation Pitt-Johnstown Alum Ready for the Real World

Kelly Gregory, a first-generation college graduate from Johnstown, characterized by her zest for life, strongly believes that her experiences at Pitt-Johnstown prepared her for the real world. She first came to campus undecided, but upon working as the front desk manager in Conference Services for a year, a passion for business operations blossomed. 
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Alum finds Community Support at

Born in the small farming town of Pullman, Washington, Steven Kotecki undertookSteven Kotecki a journey to Pitt-Johnstown that is a story of inspiration and commitment to success against any and all odds. His pathway to the University is an authentic depiction of what human agency, strength of mind and spirit, and support from family and community can bring. Steven was raised in a missionary family and spent two years in France before moving with his family to the Republic of Côte d’lvoire in West Africa, an area also known as the Ivory Coast. At first he had difficulty adjusting to life overseas, “I focused on life in the United States and what I was missing. Click here to continue reading. 


"Solid foundation" in Classroom Leads to Career for Pitt-Johnstown Student

Thomas Brown, a native of Western Pennsylvania, had a fascination with working on cars from a very early age. This interest led to a desire to pursue a career in engineering, a decision supported and encouraged by his father. This commitment laid the foundation for what has quickly become a thriving career. Much like Thomas's experience and support from his father, parents serve as a bridge to success for many students. Parental involvement has been proven to be a major factor in student success and positive academic outcomes. Being present in their lives and taking an active role in his/her academic success is a critical factor in their education journey. While encouraging your student academically...  Click here to continue reading.