University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
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How You Can Help

Giving Options

buys an engraved brick in Heritage Square.

$100 – $250
buys a book for the Owen Library.  Each donated book will bear a commemorative plate on the inside front cover with your name (or any name you choose).

buys a redbud tree with a customized, engraved plaque in the Redbud Memorial Tree Grove.

buys a digitized computer for journalism/photography students so they can learn what they will need to know in the workplace.

sponsors and hosts a World of Religions Day or a Diversity Scholars Day.

provides cultural reward activities (i.e., trip to Pittsburgh for symphony) for honor students (3.0+ QPA).

provides a fund for books, laboratory fees, travel, or other educational expenses in any division.

creates named endowments with customizable criteria for scholarships and awards.

provides named post-doctoral scholarships to encourage new professors from diverse backgrounds to come to Pitt-Johnstown for one-year or two-year positions.

creates named scholarship funds, faculty grants, and recognition awards in support of international programming and global education initiatives.

creates a named endowment for hands-on learning in a selected division; or builds a children's book collection for students who are majoring in elementary education; or purchases a CD ROM Graduate Catalog for the Career Center; or provides for a computer interface system for the language laboratory.

builds a new campus entrance so that visitors can find their way around more effectively.  The entrance will include a traffic pullover with directional maps and improved signage.

establishes a Visitor's Center.

provides funds to renovate weight training and cardiac spaces.

creates a Summer Diversity Institute (to serve as a resource and training location).

provides funds to create diversity-focused events (e.g., public speakers, seminar leaders, films, etc.) for campus and community.
provides funds to recruit in metropolitan schools with faculty available for presentations (budgets for advertising and travel, release time for faculty, financial aid packages to attract students, etc.).

provides support for the annual Laurel Highlands Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference or the Natural Sciences Undergraduate Research Group. 

provides support for students who will be doing student teaching in an urban environment.

provides funds for ADA proactive efforts at accommodation and accessibility.

provides funds for ESL support.

expands the foreign language program.

supports conference attendance and presentations by students and faculty.

offers a film series to the campus and community.

provides support for development of a distinguished lecture series or a department scholars’ program; or funds the opportunity for students to study abroad.

provides scholarships for minority future teachers or summer undergraduate research, or a stipend for an annual theatre person-in-residence.

implements renovation initiatives (e.g., classrooms, HVAC, sprinklers and paving, housing, electronic lock installation and replacement of ResNet infrastructure, office upgrades, common space, campus grounds, and Cambria Room upgrades, Living Learning Center carpet and painting, and Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center maintenance).

establishes a funding source for replacement equipment.

equips the Engineering Technology school equipment program.

underwrites annual operating expenses for a recognized center (a named endowment opportunity).

provides support to bring scholars from around the world to share their experiences and expertise during an academic year; or endows a chair/professorship for a term as support for a tenure-stream faculty member (a named endowment opportunity).

endows a chair/professorship in any division, including global education (a named endowment opportunity). 

endows programming initiatives at the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center.

underwrites the annual operating expenses in a recognized university center (a named endowment opportunity).

$10 - $50 million
underwrites annual operating expenses in a selected division.

gifts of any size for the Pitt-Johnstown Educational Foundation Endowment.  Unrestricted gifts enhance the undergraduate experience.

Contact Helen Golubic, Institutional Advancement, (814)269-2083 for more information.