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President's Message to the Class of 2010

President's Message to the Class of 2010

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Dear Graduates, Families and Friends of the Class of 2010:
Welcome to the members of the graduating class of 2010.  Today you join over 18,500 Pitt-Johnstown alumni who are making a difference in our world.  What a difference four years make!

Congratulations on surviving; this is, indeed, a significant accomplishment, a major milestone.  You have done it!   Just think back to those early days, when you wondered if you would survive your first semester and how quickly the years have passed in order for us to come together to wish you success and good fortune!

You are graduating today with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be successful in the next phase of life’s journey.  You have availed yourself of our high-quality educational programs and with the help of talented faculty, you have expanded your ability to think critically, reason soundly, engage in inquiry, communicate effectively, solve complex problems, and link theory-to-practice with an eye toward real-world implications.  In addition to a high-quality education in the classroom, you also took advantage of a wealth of experiences outside of the classroom. You took an active role in shaping your career and professional development, were engaged on campus, participated in our communities, and developed an ethos of service to country.  In the process, you gave your time and talents to those in need, refined your leadership skills, and focused your mind and passion on the challenges facing our communities in a rapidly changing world.  You have learned to appreciate the importance of a healthy balance between the mind, the body, and the spirit. You are a Pitt-Johnstown graduate, ready for the real world.

One way to think of Pitt-Johnstown is as a Facebook page with a family of more than 18,500 alumni, of which you are now a key member.  Remember this page also contains dozens of faculty and staff who were instrumental to your success here, as well as your many friends who helped you through this passage.  I hope these friendships will help to keep you connected to your alma mater through the many memories that you share, and that they will sustain you as you navigate the road ahead with all the challenges and opportunities that life will surely bring.  And I hope, for your part, that you continue to update this Facebook page of 18,500 alums.  I hope you continue to reconnect with your friends and family at Pitt-Johnstown.  Pitt-Johnstown will always be home to you.  You are always welcome here.

I would be remiss to not to take a moment to acknowledge the family, friends, and support system of those who gave so much in innumerable ways to make this day count for them. To them we owe an enormous debt of gratitude.

It is always bittersweet to say good bye.  But, in some respects, even though it is bittersweet, we are happy to be a part of this milestone and watershed event and happy to help you set sail to a world of possibilities.  We are grateful that you chose Pitt-Johnstown for this phase of your life’s journey.  We wish you well as you move on, even as we ask you to come back, and come back anytime. Godspeed as you pursue your dreams and make a difference in the world.

Mountain Cat Proud!
Jem Spectar

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