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10:00  a.m.

Welcoming Remarks 
10:05  a.m.Mr. Ed Perry   (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, retired)The Disconnect between Public Opinion and Scientific Analysis of Global Climate Change
10:40 a.m.Ms.  Jessica Bellas  (Pitt-Johnstown Civil Engineering Alumna, PE, PMP, Project Manager, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.)Perspectives of Developing Countries in the Climate Change Debate
11:00 a.m.Dr.  Eric SchwererClimate Change, Environmental Justice and East  Africa
11:20 a.m.Dr.  Barbara PetroskyFrance and the Fight about Global Warming
11:40 a.m.Dr. Kay Reist  Climate Change in China: Effects and Plans
12:05 p.m.Dr. Greg FaiersMeteorology, Climate Change, Global Warming and  the American Public
12:30  pm.Dr. Maddu KarunaratneSea Change Is Catastrophe for Sri Lanka
1:00 p.m.Mr. Ulrich MeffertClimate Change: The Browning of Australia
1:30 p.m.Dr. Guo Kai    Doubt, Confusion, Dilemma and Attempt: New Trend in China’s Carbon Based Economy
2: 00 p.m.Dr. Dolores ButtryGermany Goes Green
2:20 p.m.Dr. Manisha NigamIndian Climate Policy: A Survey of Choices and Challenges
2:40 p.m.Dr.  Katrin MoneckeClimate Change—A Challenge for Switzerland
3:00 p.m.Dr. Ray WrableyAfter Copenhagen: International Action on Global Climate Change