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Economics at Pitt-Johnstown

The Economics department at Pitt-Johnstown offers an 18 credit minor in Economics.  The minor is a great way to compliment any major, especially business.  Students are required to take both introductory and advanced Economics courses.  Through the Economics minor, students will gain an understanding of economic theory and economic analysis.

What Economics classes are available?

The courses listed below are only a small glimpse into the Economics courses available on our campus. To view the full list of Economics course descriptions, click here

Uses basic economic principles to explain how markets work, how firms and consumers make decisions, how they interact in product and factor markets, and how these markets determine prices, output, wages, and profits. These principles are also used to analyze issues of current concern in public policy and to decide whether, when, and how government should intervene in the operation of the market.

Applies the basic principles of economics to the problems of instability associated with business cycles, unemployment, and inflation as well as the problem of economic growth and examines the role of government in promoting stability and economic growth.

This course examines the law and legal rules from an economic perspective and applies economic reasoning to a number of legal topics such as property rights, contracts, torts, the efficiency of the common law, and crime.


Pitt-Johnstown Economics Faculty


Dr. George Berger (University of California at Davis)

Office Location: 123B Krebs Hall

Phone: 814-269-2982







 Guo Kai (University of Mississippi) 

Office Location: 123F Krebs Hall 

Phone: 814-269-2963 






Dr. Thomas McGahagan (University of Pennsylvania)

Office Location: 123 Krebs Hall

Phone: 814-269-2985






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Last Reviewed: January 18, 2012