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Physics at Pitt-Johnstown

Pitt-Johnstown provides students with the opportunity to compliment their chosen major with a minor in Physics. Students majoring in Mathematics, Chemistry, or Engineering Technology should consider taking a physics minor in order to make their resume more attractive to future employers.

What Physics classes are available?

The courses listed below are only a small glimpse into the Physics courses available on our campus. To view the full list of Physics course descriptions, click here

First semester of calculus-based physics. Topics include mechanics, conservation laws, fluid mechanics, vibrations, waves, and sound.

This course covers kinematics and dynamics of point masses with various force laws; central forces, including planetary and satellite motion; conservation laws; systems of particles; accelerating coordinate systems; rigid body motions; topics from Lagrange's formulations of mechanics; and Einstein's special relativity and how it modifies Newtonian mechanics.

Breakdown of classical physics, photons and De Broglie waves, Schrodinger's equation, particle in a box, harmonic oscillator, the hydrogen atom, atomic physics, molecular bonding and spectra, concepts of statistical mechanics, blackbody radiation, lasers, and solid state physics, with emphasis on semiconductors.

Pitt-Johnstown Physics Faculty


  Beta Keramati (Temple University)

 Office Location: 149 Krebs Hall

 Phone: 814-269-2089






 Dr. Kevin Martin (Lehigh University) 

Office Location: 118 Krebs Hall 

Phone: 814-269-2951 






 Dr. Allan Walstad (University of Massachusetts)

 Office Location: 117 Krebs Hall

 Phone: 814-269-2974






David Willey (Ohio State University) 

Office Location: 152 Krebs Hall 

Phone: 814-269-2021 









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Last Reviewed: January 18, 2012