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Emergency Snow Removal

(Posted 2/18/2010.  Effective 2/20/2010 through 3/1/2010)
There is a need once again to clear parking lots in a deliberate manner. To facilitate the clearing of these lots, we are asking students to move their cars out of certain parking lots at certain times. Each lot will be blocked off while the snow removal is in process. Students may move your car back later that day when the lot has been plowed and cones removed.

It is very important that students cooperate with this process. Physical Plant simply cannot clear a lot if cars remain parked in the lot.

Additionally, there will be an event for potential students in the LLC on 2/26/2010 and an athletic event in the Sports Center on 2/25/2010-2/27/2010. These events will require some additional attention to these lots on the day before the event. As such it is imperative that we are able to clear those lots.

While we recognize that this process may be inconvenient, this is the best way to allow Physical Plant personnel the opportunity to clear these parking lots to provide safe parking. It is difficult for Physical Plant personnel to properly clear the lots when cars remain in the lots. 

In the event of snowfall during these times, this schedule may be adjusted to allow Physical Plant to concentrate on sidewalks and roadways. 

  • Sat. February 20 (8:00am)
    • Biddle Hall lot (Lots numbered 1 on map)
    • Highfield Avenue, near Biddle (Lots numbered 1 on map)
    • Highfield Avenue, near Willow/Maple (Lots numbered 1 on map)
  • Mon. February 22 (5:00pm)
    • Student Union – In front of Residence Halls – (Lots numbered 2 on map)
  • Tues. February 23 (5:00pm)
    • Townhouse Lots - upper and lower – (Lots numbered 3 on map)
  • Wed. February 24 (5:00pm)
    • Sports Center (Lots numbered 4 on map)
  • Thurs. February 25 (5:00pm)
    • LLC (Lot numbered 5 on map)
  • Sat. February 27 (5:00pm)
    • LLC (Lots numbered 6 on map)
  • Mon. March 1(5:00pm)
    • CPA