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Mathematics at Pitt-Johnstown

The Mathematics Department at Pitt-Johnstown allows students pursuing other majors the opportunity to gain a minor in Mathematics.  The math minor consists of at least 18 credits which follow a Calculus sequence.  A minor in mathematics can be tailored to complement many different majors and will provide one with analytical and technical skills that will make one's resume stand apart. 

What Mathematics classes are available?

The courses listed below are only a small glimpse into the Mathematics courses available on our campus. To view the full list of Mathematics course descriptions, click here

This is the first of a sequence of three basic calculus courses intended for mathematics, engineering technology, computer science, and natural sciences majors. Topics include the derivative and integral of functions of one variable and their applications. Trigonometric functions are included.

Possible topics covered may include the Binomial Theorem, inclusion-exclusion principle, recurrence relations, generating functions, paths, circuits, trees, planar graphs, coloring problems, matching theory, and network flows. The instructor's discretion determines the topics included in this course.

This course is an introduction to numerical analysis at the advanced undergraduate level. Topics include interpolation, numerical differentiation and integration, solution of nonlinear equations, numerical solution of ordinary differential equations, and additional topics as time permits. Emphasis is on understanding the algorithms rather than on detailed coding, although some programming will be required.


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Last Reviewed: January 18, 2012