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Poster Presentations

All Posters will be in Heritage Hall
Abstracts for Poster are marked I if assigned to Poster Session I, and marked II, if assigned to Poster Session II. Posters have an assigned space denoted by an Arabic numeral.

Posters will be on display from 12:00 noon to 4:15 PM
  • Poster Session I: 1:30 to 2:30
  • Poster Session II: 3:15 to 4:15

Poster #SessionAuthor Last NamePartial Title
1I, II The Mentorship Fund
2IAneyThe Veteran
3IAntonio, Brown & FetckoAccelerated Bridge Design
90IArnold and LiebertThe Kinzua Railway Viaduct
4IBarcelosPedicullari attaollens
5IIBarnesFinding Suitable Deer Habitat
6IIBarnesPrevalence of Aids Virus
7IBarnouski, Beattie, Gnagey & SitesAggregate Resource Planning
10IIBeheProminent Organophosphate Nerve Toxins
11IIBeheSynthesis, Characterization and Photochemical
12IIBeheNitric oxide binding to Heme Proteins
9IIBeidle & PlummerThe Walnut Street Bridge
8IBeidle, Flanagan & WatsonNew Design for the Failed South Folk Dam
14IBeimel & BodenschatzThe Pennsylvania Turnpike
13IBeimel, Bodenschatz, Motchenbaugh & ReimanMountain Cat Stadium
15IIBierlyThe Importance of Navajo and Kayenta Formations
16IBittner, Holdsworth & VerobishHoliday Inn Express Addition
17IIBlickenderferFox Township Fire Hall
20IBloughSuitable Bear Habitat
21IBloughPennsylvania Bear Harvest Increase
19IIBlue, Detwiler, Dumm & SzurleyEvergreen Terrain Park
22IIBuieEstimating Flood Risk in Harrisburg
39IIBumbargerHow Fast Will and Electron Travel?
40IBumbargerLinking Education, Chemistry and Technology
24ICalhoun, Grounds, Kalas & KuykendallCellular Telephones and Social Interactions
34IICampbellExamining the Context of the Hicklin Test
26IICarpenterThe Effect of Emotional Tone on Speech Recognition
27IChancellorThe Impact of Ulysses on Literary Obscenity
28IConfair & ThomasHorseshoe Curve
29IICorteseMetal Organic Frameworks
30IICorteseBinding Affinities of Methyl CpG Protein 2
31I, IIDennis & SimcoxGut Contents Analysis in Green Crabs
48I, IIDickert & PaschelInventory Management
88I, IIDravisThe Hydrogeologic Alteration of Aztec Sandstone
84IElzer & SpillaneDelaware Aqueduct
83IElzer, Flanagan and SmithGrandview Theatre
25IFetsko, Grounds, Kalas & ReillySimilarity Spaces of Synthesized Voices
33I, IIFlynn, McCarthy & PrittsSomerset-Shanksville Interchange
35IFritzThe Club Mosses, Spike Mosses and Horsetails
36IIFritzSurvey of Aquatic Insectsf from a Restored Wetland
38IGoughnourFirst Came the Blast, Later Came the Crater
37IGreggSite Suitability for a Vineyard in Allegheny County
23IGrounds & KalasUsing Synthetic Voices as Foils
68IHaluska, Imhof & TruschLake Stonycreek Motorsports Resort
18IHood, Marshall & StewartGreen Design Nursing and Sciences Building
46IHutskyLoyalhanna Limestone
47IHutskyEvidence of Short Order Deposition Cycles
44IInmanMappnig the Spread of Black Death in Europe
41IIJonesImpact of Faulting on the Dealth Valley Landscape
42IJones & PetrowskyStructural Deformation and Surface Properties
32IKarabinosAn Inside Look at the European Union
77IIKarafinski & MullenThe Effect of Repetitive Memory Actions
50I, IIKarimiA 3-D Analysis of Earthquakes
51I, IIKarimiCraniofacial/facial, Dental Variations in Neanderthals
52IIKarmanockyAssessment of Tsunami Frequency
53IKeast, Mahoney & ShadronForecasting company Revenues
54IKehlerEnergy Consumption by State
45IIKlineNatural Hazard Occurrences
56IIKlobukaIsocyanid Ligands on Metal Surfaces
57IIKlobukaUnderstand the Interactions of SCN5A and SCN1B
89I, IILandis and CollierStudy Techniques and Test Scores
59ILensieProposal to Ddetermine the Function of PDK2's Tail
58I, IILensie & KlobukaMeasuring the Activities of the Mitotic Exit Network
61IIMacIntyreEwing Sarcoma Cells
60IIMarchionnaExamining Stormwater Runoff in Turtle Creek
62IMaykoImproving the Anticancer Activity of Platinum Complexes
63IIMyersA New Estimate of Peak Discharge Rate During the 1889 Flood
64IINeffUV/Vis and FTIR to Differentiate Soil Componenets
70INeilsenCharles Eliot Norton: Socieal Critic or Moralist?
65INelsonErosional Features in Death Valley, CA
67INovotny and TruschThe History of Smithfield Street Bridge
43IPetrowskyAcid Mine Drainage from Hughes Bore Hole
55IRandallMary Janes
69IIRifeTesting the Effects of Artificial Sweeteners
66IIRiosAnalysis of Stonycreek River Watershed
71IIRosenbaumLaboratory Ranking of Household Oxidizers
72IIShueAncient marine Environment in Clark County, NV
87I SmithClosing the Electronic Blinds
73ISpanoMy European Vacation
74IStayrookHunting Areas in the Richland Quadrangle
75IStephensOpen Source Home-Control System
76IThomasDinosaurs of Fire
49IIVarmeckyOff-shoring of Jobs: A Debate to Last a Lifetime
78IWatsonCompositional Change in the Forest of Rocky Run
79IWertzMorphometric Analysis of Pedicularis groenlandica
80IIWicksCalculating Runoff Using GIS
81IWronaSuitable Limestone Dumping Sites
82IIZearingPhilmont, New Mexico Itinerary 4
85IIZedekLocations for Wind Turbines
86IZeglinZegman Relationship Inventory