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Considerable flexibilty is afforded to students in the Social Sciences who wish to concentrate their studies in two social science fields without necessarily completing a full major in either, or who wish to concentrate their studies around a theme of their own choosing. These students would then pursue a degree in social sciences, which requires completion of a social science methodology course and a minimum of 54 credits in the Division of Social Sciences under one of two options:

Option A:
A minmum of 15 credits in each of two social science (non-business) fields, and the remaining 24 credits in the other social science (non-business) fields, with at least one course in each. An example of this option would be a student who wishes to have a background in Anthropology and History, but completing a full degree in neither discipline.

Option B:
A minimum of 24 credits in social sciences courses clustered around a designated theme. The theme and appropriate courses are chosen by mutal consent of the student and their advisor. The remaining 30 credits must be distributed among the social sciences (non-business) fields, with at least one course in each. Some of the themes that students have completed in the past include: Pre-Seminary studies, community law enforcement, the American city, European studies, and Latin American studies.

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Last Reviewed: January 10, 2012