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UPJ02_013_w240Programs in the Division of Natural Sciences aquaint you with the methods, content and applications of the various scientific disciplines necessary for gaining entrance to professional and graduate schools or for entering a wide range of occupations. Our graduate's record of success continues to be outstanding. In addition to the many available Natural Science disciplines listed on the previous page, there are three concentration areas that a student may pursue under the banner of the more general Bachelor of Science in Natural Science. Those concentrations are: Environmental Geology and Physics.

Environmental Geology, at the core, is the study of geologic and other Earth processes and how humans interact with them. One of the larger topics in Environmental Geology is the managing of geologic resources, including fossil fuels. Students will also study the causes and effects of both man-made and natural hazards. One of the unique requirements of this concentration that sets it apart from the Geology discipline is the Independent Study/Research requirement, where students will work closely on a topic that is of specific interest to them.

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Students interested in Physics can structure a divisional concentration in the Bachelor of Science Natural Sciences program, or can obtain introductory, elective and laboratory courses in Physics before relocating to the Pittsburgh campus for degree completion. A Physics minor is also offered on the Pitt-Johnstown campus. Students majoring in Mathematics, Chemistry, or Engineering Technology should consider taking a physics minor in order to make their resume more attractive to future employers.

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Degree Requirements (.pdf)

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